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Sunday, December 28, 2014

[Update 15/01/05 - mslee's final thoughts]The Greatest Marriage Episode 16 Screen caps

I should not have watched when subs are not yet added or read spoiler comments. Now I am disappointed reading how it ended. Well, I stopped watching just before the episode ended and hoping that I will have appetite to watch when subs are added.

This is one drama that I did not put aside even though the story dragged and lost it's appeal. I have hope that I will like the ending. Anyway, will add more of my thoughts after I watched the whole episode.



as of 2015/01/05
Well, greetings first to all visitors who are reading posts about The Greatest Marriage. Thank you for supporting this blog and viewing my screen caps and some thoughts.

I am think I promised myself that I will see through to the end this drama but just like what I wrote above, the appetite to even watch with subs never came. So I read some more about the ending and knowing how it ended which gave viewers unsatisfactory feelings made me really skipped it. I won't waste my time on this last episode. I am just so not happy how it turned out when the pilot episode gave so much promise that the story will be good. Seeing how it is titled The Greatest Marriage, I was hoping to see where it will turn to and who will be in that marriage.

I am disappointed that somehow, Park Si Yeon and Bae Soo Bin who both showed their acting skills with so much passion on this drama have to suffer a  ruined storyline. I don't have to watch the last half of the final episode to know that the ending will be a mess and there will be no clear answers to what I am waiting for. To think that Cha Ki Young reconciled with Par Tea Yeon is not what I anticipated. Of course, they both have to put aside their differences as parents to Dan but being back in each other's arms... ahmmm no..I don't think so. There was too much pain between them and too much had happened that ruin the other to go back from where it all started.

I have hoped for Jo Eun Cha even if was a jerk, because lately he was showing that he could turn into a new man just for Gi Young. He finally succeeded in learning how to care for others besides himself. He has shown that he can truly love a child even if it is not his. He can still use them for his own selfish agenda but in the end chose to stick  by Gi Young's side. If only the flow of the story will continue to be on Eun Cha's progress towards tuning a new leaf, there can be a positive outcome for him and Gi Young to be the perfect couple in the end.

I believe, greatest marriage can be born with these two strong personalities. Gi Young is perfect mate for Eun Cha if only the story leaned this way. Well, so much for my anticipation. I don't want to say that I wasted 16 hours of my life doing screen caps and reviews for this drama. It just did not turn out to the way I expected it to be.

This is my last thoughts for The Greatest Marriage.

Actually this is my first written post this 2015! So..happy new year everyone! More K-drama for us K-drama lovers!


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