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Thursday, February 5, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Healer Episode Episode 17 Screen caps Review

Okay, let me just say this, "this ahjussi is seriously creeping me out!"

He is like a lamb but his actions are deadly. He is the one who has been doing the "dirty" job for Kim Moon Sik and the haraboji [grandfather] everyone calls as Elder. Seeing him doing this action for detective Yoon Dong Woon was like mocking the detective. He got out from being detained because there was no solid proof that the police who got caught has link to him. Besides, the man is not talking and keeping his silence.

Unraveling the past is getting too hard for Jung Hoo/Bong Soo. The man who he met that could possibly reveal the truth of the testimony and evidences about his father died.His father was not a murder suspect but rather a witness to the crime and had evidence to prove it. His testimony that time was recorded. After he fought with unknown gang, just to save the man, still that man  was attacked by someone by hitting on the head causing death. But before he died he whispered a combination of numbers to Jung Hoo which dis not makes sense. 

I am a bit disappointed by Young Shin for a short while when after she saw Jung Hoo at the scene it was as if she somehow doubted him. Well, I too would be shocked but then, he already told her that he never killed anyone and won't kill, so that scene does not makes sense to me. Or maybe I interpreted her expression? No, because when he tried to call her, she hesitated and not even sends him a message to ask if he is alright. That suggested that there is a tinge of doubt inside her.

She felt sick after witnessing the crime due to shock. Kim Moon Ho escorted her home. Her father and uncle ahjussi were both amazed to see a popular journalist with Young Shin. Kim Moon HO decided it was the right time to tell that she found her biological mother and that he is acquainted with her since she was a baby. Young Shin cried in her father's warm embrace.

In this episode, Young Shin met her mother again. She went to Moon Sik's home. A good thing ahjumma hacker has installed a tracker on Young Shin's mobile phone. She alerted Jung Ho about it and even told him that the creepy ahjussi was already out and in the house too.

Jung Ho went there quickly. Instead of revealing himself as a visitor, he surprised the creepy ahjussi who was by that time inside the library talking on the phone with the Elder. Jung Ho got the phone from him and talked to the Elder who suddenly hang up on him. He even threatened the creepy ahjussi, and just to be annoying, he played with the books on the shelves, dropping them one by one.

It looks like the creepy ahjussi will still have his time free doing ugly things because Jung Hoo restrained himself from harming him. In the other room, Young Shin and her [clueless] mother talked warmly and she asked about what happened in the past. She learned that 3 friends went out on that fateful day and later on received a call from Moon Sik telling her to run away fast because bad people would soon come in her house. Her mother hurriedly gathered her [ little Ji Ahn] and run as fast as she could but the men who were chasing her were getting nearer. She decided to hid little Ji Ahn and ran away from her telling her not to make any sound and that she would be back. She misled the men away from Ji Ahn and that was when she met an accident. Days later, she woke up in a hospital. She lost Ji Ahn not because Ji Ahn was abandoned but because she was not able to come back for her. At least now, Young Shin understood why she was not talking when she was first found out and when her father adopted her. It was because she obeyed her mother's last words to her not to make a sound. 

Her mother got sick after telling her the story. She pushed the call button and a nurse came from another room to take care of her mother. She left the house but before she did, she took a piece of cookies her mother baked that morning for her birthday, Ji Ahn's birthday.

Outside she met Jung Hoo. The atmosphere was a little awkward, both finding the right words to say to each other. They sgtarted walking separately as she told him what she found out that day from her mother She asked him if he killed the man and when he said no... [yes, she did doubt him] she sighed, relieved to hear him say that. It seemed a great weight was taken off her. But she told him that she never thought he did it anyway. [well, this is a bit contradicting, for me as a viewer but thankfully the misunderstanding was cleared]

She made the move to link arms with him.

In the library, Jung Hoo found a piece of paper on Moon Sik's table. Moon Sik must have purchased a shelf [not sure what it's called] for Ki Young Jae's ashes to put and preserve in a  charnel house. What struck his attention was the 3 numbers written on the paper that could mean the exact vault/shelf number which could also mean that the numbers he obtain from the dead detective was where his father is placed.

Young Shin and Jung Hoo decided to visit the charnel house but suspicious men were following them. But they let the men follow them. That same time, Kim Moon Ho is getting ready for another live broadcast about the story of Ki Young Jae and Oh Gil Han. Jung Hoo will get the recorded tape from 1992 containing the testimony of his father from the charnel house.

When he got it he handed it secretly to Young Shin. Then they ran as goons chased after them. Police arrived at the scene. Young Shin passed the tape to Jung Hoo who ran away from her. The men got him and beat him but he asked to see the Elder because he is Healer.

He was dragged to where the Elder will be. He used his eyeglasses to take photos of the place and the Elder.

On the other side of Seoul, Moon Ho was still broadcasting relying on Jung Hoo's photos to be transferred to the station.

Will the Elder be finally known to the world?

Another good episode. Moon Sik is still being greedy. What would it take for him to realize that his end game will be his downfall and truth will soon catch up and make him pay?


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