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Monday, February 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 8 Screen caps Review

If episode 7 was getting intense, this episode is so far the most tension filled one hour watch. I think the whole time I was sitting on edge of my seat wondering when will everything blow up?

Sun Woo got suspicious of some photos while looking for old documents about Gi Chul. Something seems familiar so he became a bit agitated, hiding strongly his tension from his sunbae Hyun Tae who was with him. Hyun Tae was also remembering the past and he was a bit suspicious of photos but some thoughts evade him.

The team was discussing about Gi Chul and his works as a spy and how he became one. They are brainstorming on how to capture him. There was a match in the computer. Song Joong Hyuk told the team about their invite in Sun Woo's house.

Yoon Jin reported to work and act normal. Outside, Gi Chul's men watched over her. Sun Woo asked her to come to the house to be introduced to his family and colleagues as his girlfriend. Yoon Jin was also given orders by Gi Chul to go there.

Sun Woo's parents are both preparing hard and meticulously in the house on how to hack Joong Hyuk's phone. The phone must be on top of the table where a gadget was placed under to connect for only three minutes. Hye Rim decided to let her daughter join that night's dinner to make her presence somehow distract a colleague of Sun Woo.

All through the day Sun Woo was bothered by something. He vaguely saw the photos that matched in the computer, then the photos from the archives and now his team going to his house. Something is fishy but he could not put a finger on it yet.

The team arrived at the house but some agents where outside inside a van and a car. One was a lookout and the other inside the van looks over the computer. They plan on hacking Sun Woo's computer and also to know if Sun Woo's father has the capability to open or crack a code.

Without realizing, Gi Chul also came in a van and parked a block from the house. Yoon Jin rode with them. She was to make sure all is okay, but she was not as confident that everything is only about spying. She was nervous if something will go wrong. She came in the house and Sun Woo immediately stood up from the table to greet her and also to make sure his mother will not do anything to make her unwelcome. Hye Rim was of course surprised at her presence but Yoon Jin told her discreetly that she was there to help. Sun Woo looked at them. He was feeling bothered or maybe it was because he was being protective of Yoon Jin's feelings. He introduced Yoon Jin to his team. At the kitchen, Sun Woo washed the dishes while he saw Yoon Jin and his mother somehow patched up their differences. They both went out to throw the garbage. They talked outside. When they came back they both helped each other making tea, silently and it was like they were acting strange. Sun Woo kept on sneaking glances towards the two women. When Hye Rim went inside the bedroom, she was looking if the phone was hacked. She was able to make Joong Hyuk put his phone on the table when she asked for his coat.

Sun Woo decided to follow his mother in the bedroom but before he could open the door, Yoon Jin called him. Hye Rim opened the door to see Sun Woo standing outside. Sun Woo had no choice but to go to Yoon Jin who was holding a canister.

Just about the same time, Hyun Tae who asked Sun Woo to use his laptop was in his room and also trying to connect to his internet to hack the computer. Two group are both doing the same thing. But Sun Woo's laptop has a second password and they could never open it. Hyun Tae suddenly felt looking more inside Sun Woo's room. He saw the album Sun Woo also opened before they arrived to look at old photos of his mother. Hyun Tae seemed to find something interesting inside.

Outside, Gi Chul continues to listen to what was happening inside the house. He heard that opening the password was successful. The agent who was left in the car had been feeling suspicious of the van. He kept monitoring the van now and then through his side mirror. Gi Chul commanded one of his men to walk towards the agent's car. He had a gun in his back. He tapped the window and asked for a light. That was a usually a line uttered by agents looking for someone. The man was about to pull his gun from his back when Gi Chul heard from inside the house that the hard drive Sun Woo's father was able to open was not the one. Joong Hyuk was wise enough not to bring the right one. He was testing Sun Woo's father. Gi Chul immediately stopped his man from killing the agent and to step back. The plan was aborted. The agent called his buddy inside the van to look for the plate number of the van. The van started driving away. The team said their goodbyes.

Sun Woo gave Yoon Jin a ride home but he never came up even if Yoon Jin asked him to. He drove back. His mind was full of nagging thoughts. He saw the van on his way home and called Hyun Tae to check on it but he stopped talking when he saw his mother in a park talking to a man. The man was definitely familiar. The one he was trying so hard to look for, the one who killed his partner and the woman who was a former spy.

He was shocked to see his mother meeting that scarred man.

All through out the episode heart was beating fast anticipating a raid. I thought the two teams will have a face off and all hell will break loose. Seriously, this episode is so awesome. More of this and I know I will be waiting impatiently each week. 

Good job writernim and PDnim. The tension filled atmosphere was delivered exactly as how it should be felt. I am slowly suspecting Joong Hyuk and his true character. He should be a villain too in this drama. When he look over a piece of paper and wrote a dollar sign, I think he is doing something illegal and maybe connected to N.K. spies that's why Gi Chul wanted badly to hack his phone. 

Maybe this two had a past? 

Now I am intrigued.


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