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Monday, February 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 7 Screen caps Review

I think the drama has gotten more intense. Lee Yoon Jin got caught by Sun Woo's mother. But then I like this part, at least there is no more secrets between them and even if Hye Rim does not like Yoon Jin, this situation is still the best case scenario for Sun Woo's safety. Hye Rim was firm in her decision to make Yoon Jin leave her son. She even gave the poor girl a hard slap across her face.

In a mother's point of view, what Yoon Jin is doing to Sun Woo, having a dual life, and somehow spying on him is despicable and unforgivable. But then it was not like Yoon Jin does it for her loyalty to her country but because she loves her family. Just as Hye Rim decided to do the dirty works for Gi Chul because she has no choice to protect Sun Woo and her family.

So, who is deceiving who?

Both are deceiving the man they love, Sun Woo. Hye Rim heard how Yoon Jin cried when she did not even let Sun Woo enter the apartment or see her face even if he asked. Sun Woo is having a tough time and Yoon Jin is his source of strength. Somehow, Hye Rim knew in her heart that Yoon Jin is sincere.

Yoon Jin decided to go away. Securing all the money she saved since she worked here in Seoul, she called a man to ask if he can get her family. She is willing to pay as high as three times the price. She avoided calls from Sun Woo. She went out with a cap on her head to disguise herself. But then Gi Chul's men are all over the place she has no where to hide or go. She was dragged to where Gi Chul is and even if she strongly told him to do whatever he wanted to her she is not afraid because she had already kept her family safe. Well she was wrong. Gi Chul got them and through the phone she left at the apartment she talked to her mother.

Between a family and love she will always choose family. In any point of view, this is not wrong. No one can argue about this rational thoughts. She even told Sun Woo about it and hoped for his understanding. They met after a day of not communicating. Sun Woo had become agitated when Yoon Jin acted evasive suddenly and not return his calls or text messages. Even in work his mind was preoccupied of her. He even asked his mother if she met with Yoon Jin but Hye Rim denied. He was suspicious of his mother so he told her his feelings won't ever change for Yoon Jin.

Song Joong Hyuk is acting arrogant and a bit suspicious. He has a hard drive that he could not open because it is password protected. He asked Sun Woo's father to meet about it. Sun Woo's parents decided to invite the team in their house so that Hye Rim's plans will be easily executed. Song Joong Hyuk's phone must be hacked. Sun Woo was confused and skeptical why his team was invited.

I wonder Song Joong Hyuk's connection to Gi Chul?  Because both are acting weird and suspecting. Even when Kim Hyun Tae asked Joong Hyuk about his plans and motives, it was kept secret from him. Hyun Tae was curious about the hard drive that is locked and what's inside it?

In this episode I now understand how Sun Woo met Yoon Jin. I thought he knew her as a spy who ran for help and has been living under a new name. But then, she was forced to spy and the subject was Sun Woo. It was all staged, even when she was applying for visa and her name appeared in the computer under illegal [allien] stay. She was about to be captured and questioned but Sun Woo who was there tried to interfere. The rest was history.

Sun Woo is becoming obsessive over Hwang Gi Chul. He is looking at the computer for a match. The ending is another heart stopping moment for viewers. Hye Rim appeared in the list and matched one of the photos that is currently in the list of possible spies.

This drama keeps me on edge while watching. 


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