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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine or Go Crazy Episode 5 Screen caps Review

Some highlights in the episode...

Prince Wang So was able to stay at Shin Yool's Trading company. He was going to look for the ledger. He has with him a receipt he got from Kim Jong Sik when he died. He was going to use the ledger to see who are the other accomplice of the assassins.

He pretended to be a fool in front of the people in Shin Yool's household. He even named himself as So So. While Shin Yool continue to dress as a man and called Gaebong. She saw the other half of the butterfly she gave him 5 years ago. It was still with him, like a talisman as he said to her when she asked about it. She was touched that he gave importance to it and sure that he must have remembered his once bride.

Shin Yool started teaching him about trading. She wants him to start afresh and lay down his swords to live a decently. Of course no one knew that he is one of the Prince. One time, Wang So saw Shin Yool walked towards a bath house. He tried to peep inside because a nagging thought was keeping him doubt Gaebong as a man. He swore he saw Gaebong acted like a woman. He even stared at the lips one time but got caught.

What he saw was a naked man inside taking a bath. He did not know that it was planned because Baek Myo, the strict ahjumma by Gaebong's side anticipated his move. Silent Gyeong was the one bathing that time.

I am interested in the "possible" affection between Hwangbo Yeo Won and her shadow bodyguard Se Won. He was by her side since she was young given by her uncle Wang Sik Ryeom. Se Won seemed in love with the Princess and she knew about it but still asked him to always be her shadow. I think these two have mutual feelings but because of their status, they are not to pursue what they want and feel.

Yeo Won went to see her husband Wang So at the trading company. He was surprised seeing her and gave her an alibi about liking there and playing there because he was already bored. He told her that no one knows he is a Prince there.

Pince Wang Wook has his own sad story. The woman he loved and loved him return became his father's wife that led the woman to take her own life after. He was left with misery and sadness and hoped that those would fade. His visits to Shin Yool suggest that he is interested in her.

Wang So was caught snooping inside Shin Yool's room. He was treated as a thief. The piece of paper he has with him was found and Shin Yool told him it was fake and they did not issue it. The culprit, one of their man in the company sold low quality vases and other products and pocketed the money. Shin Yool and her brother kicked out the man but told Baek Myo to give him a years salary so he will not live as a thief.

I do hope that Wang So would find out soon that Gaebong is a woman and the one he married years ago. I also want Shin Yool to know that he is a Prince. Actually, this concept about disguise is making me impatient. It only drags the story. Let it be known already so whatever connection they have can move forward. I love romance and I am wishing for it top happen soon.


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