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Sunday, May 31, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy GIF Episode 6 - Letting Go

Highlights and random thoughts...

How many more instances one can endure love aches and being left behind even if one begs the other to stay?

This episode is the continuation of more depressing feelings Jung Joo had because Geun Woo keeps on forgiving Ji Won every time. What could Jung Joo do in this situation but to hide her feelings and endure seeing him go after Ji Won or pretend nothing happened like when she told her colleagues he is nothing but a friend only.

I think I liked that there was no exchanged of kisses in this scene. After all, he did it only to get back even a little to Ji Won and perhaps to make her waver a little bit seeing that he could be interested in another woman except her. And with Ji Won's personality, it is not far fetched to think that she will fall for this act of Geun Woo towards Jung Joo.

I am just not happy that once again, Jung Joo was being played and used by Geun Woo and in a mocking way. I know it's hard to hide the feelings when she was suddenly put in this situation, caught off guard, thinking he would kiss her, even if it was a rebound one. Guess logic and reason fly away and insanity overwhelmed her. But at the last minute, even before Ji Won closed the door on her way out, he already stopped coming towards her, making her look like a fool waiting for those lips on hers.

Then have the audacity to tease her...blame her for closing her eyes. I like Geun Woo and his childish moments but he is the typical clueless man acting a jerk towards Jung Joo and I am not feeling the romance between them.

Well at least in this kind of situation.

Good job for Jung Joo for at least trying to save herself the humiliation of almost being caught. 

I think seeing Jung Joo scaring Geun Woo a little will at least make him notice her rather than ignoring what's brewing between them. At least he would be wondering if she is saying the truth or telling a lie to hide her real feelings.

Of course, as friends, they reconcile every time. Geun Woo for his craziness towards Ji Won, is actually undoubtedly a thoughtful and sweet person and these side of him are what makes Jung Joo melts. Because he knew she was a bit mad, he wanted to make up with her but he was met with a straightforward Jung Joo whose goal is to protect her self.

She told him not to coax her or she will really fell for him and it will be a problem for both of them. At least she is being honest [a little] to him about the possibility of developing feelings on him and it would not do either of them good when he is so into Ji Won.

The saddest part of the episode was when Jung Joo asked Geun Woo to stay and not go to Seoul with Ji Won. As a friend she was begging him to stay with her that moment. Unfortunately, he chose Ji Won.

Time To Let Go

Jung Joo keeps on doing this,

To wait again for him....
To forget about his promise to her, again...

This is too much to take in!

Just because Ji Won decided to pull him again towards her. Sly and foxy, she is doing it again.

I think what the Mayor said about leaving and letting go of that person is a wise advise. Because those who wants to leave if they are meant to leave will of course go away.

Though it pains her to hear these words, she has no other choice but to let him go. Episode 6 ended with Jung Joo telling Geun Woo to leave the place now that he got his credit card back. He can now live freely and she just wanted to be left alone.

I think this the best decision to protect herself from further hurt. After all they have an arrangement about the restaurant even though it came from a misunderstanding on the part of Geun Woo concerning her health that she was not aware of. But by telling him that she is no longer okay to see him or to live with him will surely make him wonder what he had done wrong or what maybe his true feelings.

Some more random scenes... in between.

Geun Woo getting in a word war with a child who shot the street lights and the boy's mother arriving misunderstanding the situation.

Jung Joo wanting to be a diver but because of the incident of Geun Woo with the boy's mother, her chance of being accepted is somewhat slim. The mother is one of the interviewers.

Trying to win the Mayor's favor to get a high score during the interview.

Trying to win the ahjumma diver's heart after their misunderstanding to ask help for  Jung Joo.

Seeing the Mayor arriving with Jung Joo made Geun Woo wanting to get back by almost spilling out that he knew about the secret. 

Getting even more petty...

But in the end always ending to please Jung Joo. Ah, if only Geun Woo will always be this sweet towards Jung Joo and not hurt her. 

But his sweet gesture caught him using her lotion she was trying to use sparingly. lol..

The scene with the Mayor and his perception of her feelings that moment. 

I am really liking the camaraderie that is being developed between these two.

And lastly, the funny yet cute romance between the ahjumma diver and Geun Woo's hyung, who can not help himself but be near her.

I laughed out loud, chincha watching these scenes. I think the Hong sisters have many more LOL moments involving these two.

If Jung Joo is finally letting go, this ahjumma diver is keeping Song Jung Geun at arms length and not hoping for any more romance between them.

But I think Jung Geun's perseverance will change her mind.

Hope I share my thoughts coherently.
Until next episode.


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