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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Orange Marmalade Episode 4 Faced With the Painful Truth

Random thoughts and some highlights...

I love this episode. The long wait is really worth it! Yeah, because I thought there will be 2 episodes each weekend but I learned that it will only be 1 episode per week. I really waited for this episode and the development was awesome.

After the light house kiss they shared, Baek Ma Ri and Jung Jae Min started to be closer than they usually were. They headed back to the school for the night. He also initiate holding her hand on their walk back to the school, smiles plastered in their faces. I think words were not needed to voice out how they feel, They already knew exactly how each feels towards another. It's a good feeling. A start of a new romance for them.

But it was short lived, unfortunately. That night Jae Min learned that Shi Hoo is a vampire. He heard the argument that started between his step father/teacher and Shi Hoo on his way to maybe see his mom even outside the gates. He was so mad knowing the truth. He confronted Shi Hoo, telling him, no warning him to stay away from Ma Ri. But of course, Shi Hoo  who just realized that he was the cause of what happened to his parents [he was not able to control his vampire urged to suck blood from human in a public place, causing them to be exposed] was not really feeling logical but rebellious.  He even provoked Jae Min about liking Ma Ri which led to a fight.

Next day, Shi Hoo was gone. The teacher asked Ma Ri to look for him. She was also concerned. It is because they are the same, vampires. Shi Hoo also has been in radar and one more mistake and he will be punished. She found Jae Min as she was looking for Shi Hoo. His face was a mess, with bruises and dried wounds. He felt betrayed hearing her looking for Shi Hoo. But in the end finding himself looking with her also.

The accident was a surprise. There were 2 kids, one was climbing up a high rise tower crane to reach the balloons that were caught. The other kid was crying. Jae Min ascended the tower crane to rescue the kid. They were able to get down but the rope suddenly snapped back, catching Jae Min's foot and slamming him against a pile of wood as he ascended upside down. He lost consciousness hanging there. Ma Ri was so shocked seeing him. She tried to use her vampire powers, to be able to rise above but in time, Shi Hoo who was on the other shore heard her and snatched her in time slamming them both on the other side putting a dent on the steel surface, kids looking shocked at them both. 

Shi Hoo had the sense to tell the kids to run for help, to distract them from what they saw. He was so mad at Ma Ri for trying to use her powers but she argued that she had to save him. They got him on another place then Shi Hoo left her with him.

The sight of blood on Jae Min caused Ma Ri to be tempted to taste his blood. She could barely stop  herself from lowering her head and suck the blood when Jo Ara arrived and called her in time. But she was not able to hide her face from A Ra. A Ra was shocked and confused and not really sure of what she saw. That moment was already a revelation.

A Ra went back to the school and looked into Ma Ri's things. She found the evidence of blood which scared her and at the same time she found the best remedy to make Ma Ri stay away from Jae Min. At the hospital, Jae Min's mother arrived.She stayed beside him. 

That day was when Ma Ri disappeared. 

The day he also found out that she is a vampire just as the other students have already found out through A Ra. Feeling shocked maybe was still too weak a word to describe what Jae Min felt. Perhaps the realization was a mixture of denial feelings with outrage, dumbfound, appalling and all sorts of negative surprise implies. 

But out of all these emotions raging inside him, there is one that stood out. To seek her, to find her, to go to all the places they have been to or where he had seen her. He recalled what happened during their first encounter at the train when she leaned towards him and nibbled his neck. But the most unforgettable are those kisses they shared at the light house. He wanted to hear her say it is not true. His days become gloomy. 

Then a call came from someone. They are also trying to find Ma Ri and believe he knew where she is at that moment. He ran to the light house. His instinct was right. She was there against the bright lightnings ricocheting above the dark skies.

Time to confront her. Time to know that the truth is really real. 

Jae Min cried. I think even before he saw her, on those days he was trying to find her, helpless, hopeless, I was already affected by what he has been going through. Jae Min's character was so deep that his raw emotions are too much to take in without being affected. 

Guess I can applaud Yeo Jin Goo for his best acting skills so far.

So finally facing Ma Ri at the lighthouse, his angry feelings he has been trying to control, his asking her to dispute or deny the claim that she is a vampire, hoping against hope, but in the end hearing her say 'I am sorry" somehow broke him down. I love how he get those words out of his chest. How he asked her if saying sorry and admitting to the truth is okay and easy for her. Not when he is NOT okay and visibly suffering from the truth.

Didn't he abandoned his own mother when she married a vampire? He was not able to forgive her for betraying him. And now, the only girl he liked, love and want is the same kind of inhuman he detest or loathed so very much!

Another accident happened. I think this episode should have been titled Accidents One After Another...lol!

Because Jae Min got into another when Ma Ri stepped back and seemed she was thinking of jumping over the rail, but the lightning struck quickly, losing her balance but enough time for Jae Min to act with fast reflex. He was able to push her out of danger but in turn, he toppled over the rail, barely holding the rope or the chain attached but not for long he dropped towards the deep waters.

Losing his consciousness, he keeps on dropping into the depths of the sea. Ma Ri jumped and saved him. At the shore, she was crying, scared, trying to revive him. When he snapped back it was like kind of de javu. 

He asked her who she is?

I am intrigued by this twist. Then 2 months later inside the train, the roles were reversed. It was her who approached him and smiled at him as he stared at her wondering who she is. Then as if the moment was a dream, he saw her in different clothes or time then finding both of them hundred years back, by the river, wearing hanbok or the old native clothes during the Joseon era.

That was the ending of episode 4. Kind of hanging and intriguing. I think I want to guess about the twist of the story. I just remembered the series of books I read a couple of years ago about fate and destiny through time. They are meant to be but also not meant to be together. The Fallen series, right?

Well, I just have thought of the story when I saw how Ma Ri and Jae Min's path crossed each time, every time, through time. 

I am excited to know the next story.

As for Shi Hoo, there was a scene where he faced the rising sun without the protection, burning himself. Did he really end his life?


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