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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Producers Episode 5 It's all About What to Edit or Not

And I thought this episode is a bit boring from the previous ones but the key word "edit" has been the highlight of the episode.

What to edit? How to edit?

[according to PD Joon Mo]

Towards the ending, it all came down to what must be retained. It is a choice between good and better. Literally, when it comes to media, it has to choose what will be the best scene out of all the good scenes. That's why good editing is a must because it is where the continuity of the story shows and it can either be bad or excellent editing.

But of course, there are too many scenes that are hard to let go but an editor must only choose what is most needed.


Is there such a thing as editing?

I find myself pondering on the thoughts PD Ra Joon Mo said to rookie Seung Chan. Between good and better, it has to be the better one.

The episode showed that both Seung Chan and PD Ye Jin got so drunk they could not remember what happened that night. She talked about Joon Mo and his blind date that hurts her in her drunken state. Then she lost consciousness. And this naive Seung Chan followed up that statement with "she likes you" or something like that and then he too fell asleep.

What would Joon Mo do in that situation? He sure was not drunk, maybe tipsy but he has full control of his memories. Next day he decided to play dumb, to pretend he was also drunk the night before and he remembered nothing. 

Ye Jin woke up regretting getting drunk. She knew she turned into a mess once alcohol got over her. And so she asked Seung Chan if he heard her say weird things that were certified "lies", to save herself. Being naive is not always for Seung Chan. Of course, he knew what she really feels towards Joon Mo but because she insisted that they were lies, he chose to agree with her. His task was to confirm if Joon Mo remembers anything or that he was too drunk.

Stalking his PD, he thought he got the right answer. He never realized Joon Mo could have been playing dumb and pretending to avoid facing the truth he found out. The episode almost ends when Seung Chan realized Joon Mo was really not drunk that night. He chose to forget. He chose to edit the memories from his head.

my thoughts...

I think his explanations is also about his coward way of facing Ye Jin and her feelings for him. To protect himself, their friendship, he chose to edit out the good part of knowing she likes him for a long time now and decided to retain the better option of forgetting the romance and stick to friendship only.

Between good and better, it has to be better. Well, no complications. But one thing, this is not a movie or a program. This is reality and romance. One can not edit out the good things and just be contented with the better memories. Because they are a collective scenes from the friendship that has developed and progressed through the years. Editing out the good ones is like forgetting the good old memories that resulted to better and best moments yet to come.


Once caught, Joon Mo now will have to realize and accept that he heard Ye Jin right that night. I love the connection of the word edit to romance. And I think Seung Chan is putting much effort in caring towards Ye Jin than he thinks. It was like he wanted her spared of hurt.

Then there is Cindy, the brat [well it comes with how she was treated by her agency] who faced the truth that she has no friends. Seung Chan who only wanted her to be at ease gave her a book and some music to help her sleep, is now making her  think of him. Little by little an attraction is growing and it is as of now a one sided feeling.

I like the chemistry between Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin. I think their characters are really suited to them and the love line is better. Kind of matured romance. A love that could have been there since the very beginning but was ignored in favor of comfortable friendship.

With Seung Chan, he has a tendency to develop a romantic feelings towards his sunbaes. And I think seeing the vulnerable side of Ye Jin, his protective instinct comes out.

For Cindy, this will be a long struggle, experiencing some kind of new found romance. She can be hurt waiting for Seung Chan and his undivided attention.

some more gif

Weary and a bit grumpy, yet Cindy wanted to do what she had to do, while Seung Chan being a rookie sticks to the rule. He is a bookie.

Sure the staff knew Seung Chan will give Cindy a hard time which worried PD Joon Mo.

Endless negotiations, favors between PD and agency CEO

The intriguing Da Jung and her easy camaraderie with idols which is a surprise to Ye Jin. But Da Jung is also an interesting character. Snob, yet has the ability to stay in this world and confident enough to do her job despite her irritating manner. lol

Ye Jin trying to be friendly and coax Seung Chan to spy for her. Always checking him if he will make a mistake of spilling her secret living with Joon Mo.

Annoyed at how Cindy did not noticed her or recognized her because she had no make up on!

What is K-drama without drinking scenes and gatherings?

Cute and crazy Ye Jin when drunk!

Cindy passing them on the streets. She looked envious of the fun and crazy camaraderie between these PDs.

Morning after!

Grumpy Joon Mo. Seeing Seung Chan dead asleep on his couch. It was like his house has been invaded and it no longer his. Or maybe a bit jealous because Seung Chan keeps on appearing at his house? hmmmm....

The Task!

But first it was all lies. She lied about what she must have said the night before. Convincing Seung Chan who easily gave in even if he knew otherwise.

Know if Joon Mo knew about her lies...

this is mslee1107
again late posting and sharing these gif and thoughts:))

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