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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shin Se Kyung Confirmed for SBS Upcoming Drama Six Flying Dragons

육룡이 나르샤, 신세경

Shin Se Kyung is confirmed for the upcoming drama Six Flying Dragons via SBS. She just finished her successful drama team up with Park Yoo Chun in Sensory Couple and now, this offer came.

Six Flying Dragons is a period drama depicting the ambitions and success of six people with Lee Bang Won as the central figure. He was the 3rd King in the Joseon Dynasty and helped his father King Taejo established the dynasty.

For the director and screenwriter, both had worked with Shin Se Kyung in the past. From The Great Queen Seondeok to Tree With Deep Roots. 

Currently, Yoo Ah In has been offered a role in Six Flying Dragons but has yet to confirm. Kim Myung Min is also offered a role.

Hoping these other two will accept.


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