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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 8 Highlights

Since earthquake strikes Seoul, nothing has changed yet.  Government is having a rough time taking actions in the situation. Help is not coming easily to those who are in need.

For this episode, more problems arises at the hospital and the director is not helping at all. He is of course acting selfish because what he looks forward to is what he and the hospital could gain through negotiations either with Minister Ja Hyuk and the Minister of Health who towards the ending of the episode luckily awaken.

The time to confirm if it was really her son that was found out. It was nerve wracking I suppose to walk and hold the paper containing the photo inside but Chief Kang had no choice but to confirm for herself.

It was a relief that it was not her son. It was as if all energy drained from her body learning that he might be still alive some where and hopefully safe. The fireman promised to look out for him again.

Amidst the chaos at the hospital and the banters or bickering happening between Ddol Mi and Hae Sung, still he found himself staring at her when she was not aware of it. It was this time that somehow, the romance is finally blooming between them. Seeing her like this makes him smile, putting a light feeling inside him. Ah..hopefully, more romantic moments soon.

Yeah, I think he is falling for her unknowingly!

When there is enough time to rest, the staff sleeps in whatever position they can. Ddol Mi could not sleep and so tried to study instead.

Woo Jin always checks up on the unconscious VIP patient, the minister. He needs to take care of him as an insurance for the hospital's future advancement. It's his job of course as a doctor and his dedication can not be measured, still doing it with a purpose, with gain seems like cunning and calculating on his part.

Exhausted firefighters/rescue teams are also resting until their energy get back for a new day.

The deal Ja Hyuk made with the director is not really a deal that he likes but something that made him accept despite what he really wanted. It became an on going rift between Chief Kang and the director and always reminding her that everything will be her responsibility. Actually, this has become irritating to hear every time and I guess Chief Kang is just holding her temper. But then she had to remind him that he made the deal out of what he could get of the situation.

The President of the hospital, the director's brother was missing along with his son. No one has found them yet. Not sure what is running on his mind though. I think in the earlier episode, they were having a slight disagreement on how he runs the hospital. Will this be an opportunity for him?

The missing father and son...the president of Mirae hospital, buried under rubles of debris. Alive but could not move.

Ja Hyuk is having a tough time holding the end of the bargain because of tough situation outside that is out of his control and capability. The hospital desperately needs electricity soon and if help ill not come around patients will die.

Expectedly, Woo Jin is not helping at all by continuing blaming other people and not opening his mind that not every thing can be done as they wished.

They have to alert/inform the staff and the relatives of the patients the impending electric supply cut any time. They will have to rely on manually to help some patients to breathe. They were taught how to do it.

The man Dae Gil owed so much had to go under surgery again. Blood is seeping out from the bandage where he was operated before. Hae Sung and his team started the surgery.

Just then an after shock earthquake happened. It brought another chaos at the hospital.

During the short earthquake, Hae Sung hurt himself again. His wounds in his upper arm opened. The surgery is not yet finished. He needs to hurry up before power supply was cut off. But then it became a problem with him injured.

Park Ji Na had no other means but to beg Woo Jin for help. He is the only surgeon who can do the operation.

The effect...

Water pump burst out. They need to stop it immediately or it will run through other floors and they will have other means but to cut the electric supple immediately.

Woo Jin arrived at the operating room. of course it was not a friendly atmosphere. Hae Sung and Woo Jin have opposite principles but this happened and Woo Jin could not deny them the help they need even if he was against it.

Actually the surgery is not as easy as anyone would think. The patient is already in a bad shape, the hospital is not helping with all the chaos happening, they have limited time only to finish it and Woo Jin is very skeptical about the whole ordeal.

But Hae Sung always reminds him they are doctors.

It seems that Woo Jin lost his wonderful self along the way... would he be able to gain it back?

Water continue to rush over... help is still not arriving.

Inside the surgery...

Firemen arrived to give help.

The VIP patient finally woke up. Of course, the director would tell him how they cared for him. As if the hospital did not turn away this man before. He is sure to make a deal with the minister.

The promised helicopter won't be able to fly because of strong winds. Another plan that frustrates Ja Hyuk.

Another burst happened. Electricity failed.


And the surgery is not yet finished. All the apparatus suddenly died. How can they continue?

Will Hae Sung's sense of justice and perseverance be tested and found wrong?

Will versus giving up...


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