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Monday, October 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 3 Highlights

The third dragon will awaken in this episode.

I am loving the story. The story shows how one's principle can be compromised or overturned when faced with hardships. It is not just about words but how far will one stood his ground for what he believes in when a situation occurs.

For this episode, Sambong Jung Do Jeon was captured and tortured by Gil Tae Mi. Even the scholars who supported him were being rounded to be punished. Do Jeon felt sorry for the result of his actions towards the young scholars who are as idealistic as he is.

Prime Minister and Gil Tae Mi were discussing the repercussions of Sambong's doing. PM has been the one pointed out explicitly in the revelation of Do Jeon regarding Yuan envoys and the impending war if Goryeo opened it's gates to them. The group Sadaebu are now starting to appeal to the King.

Surprisingly dreading one person's reaction to all this chaos.

General Choi Young

Jung Do Jeon called him the one who can balance what's happening. Or so he thought. Because Choi Young clearly took PM's side.

Scholars who continue to post the truth were punished. Leaders like teachers at Sungkyunkwan were arrested. Lee bang Won who was impressed by Do Jeon's idealism and principle decided to attend the school but he witnessed how the teacher was arrested. But he never wavered from what he believed to be righteous.

Boon Yi and Ddang Sae followed Do Jeon while he was being transferred by the soldiers. They pretended to be his children and begged the soldiers to let them say their proper goodbyes. They asked Do Jeon about their mother. They learned she was a palace maid and serving the Princess but died 18 years ago. It was unbelievable because they are her children and impossible that she died. Do Jeon told them to forget her name and live without associating themselves to her name, Yeon Hyang, because their lives will be in danger.

Bang Won gave food to the street children. He asked about Boon Yi and was told that she left with her brother. Since Boon Yi gave him so much trust, he wanted to show her more of what he could be and how he can destroy Lee In Gyum. 

Bang Won began his studies. He finally found what he really wanted. He vowed to keep their principles alive and suppressed what is wrong. But of course, this will be tested towards the end of the episode. Will Bang Won really stand by his bravery in the midst of hardship?

Gil Tae Mi is being greedy and envious of Baek Yoon. He also wanted to have some shares of land that Baek Yoon has accumulated being in a higher position. But Baek Yoon has no plans of giving in to his whims and Gil Tae Mi is angered by rejection.

For a villain, Gil Tae Mi is really an interesting character. He is not dull and definitely, his screen presence is very amazing.

There was a new character that was interested to Gil Tae Mi as being the most popular swordsman but when he fought with him, he realized he is not the person he was looking for. Apparently, there was another who look like Gil Tae Mi, his twin.

Father and son decided to take action to get what they wanted. Gil Yoo is the leader of the scholars who rebel from the teachings and decided to create division in the group. He and his men were harassing weak students to give up their idealism, burn their books or get a tattoo on their forehead and live in shame forever.

This is really a vicious way of weakening one's strength and some had already succumbed even commit suicide because of shame and fright of what Gil Yoo would continue to do.

A sight that put anger and also saddened the scholars. Of course, this was to pressure Baek Yoo's son who is currently the leader of the students in place of their absent teacher.

Bang Won being a young idealist is also angered by the events.  As young as he is, he thought that living in shame with tattoo is righteous than burning books and be frightened by the bullies.

When the teacher returned, he talked to him.

But of course, this will be tested when he faced the same ordeal from Gil Yoo and company. As a young boy, it was understandable that he would be frightened as well. Decisions and principles would crumble to save himself. But this same ordeal will put him to shame, will try to hide what happened and be angered by his actions.

Bang Won felt that he was weak and now he understood what happened to his father which put disappointment in his young heart. To be in a position where he could not defend himself, every thing would crumble just to stay alive.

There was an inquiry if Gil Yoo was behind the students who left Sungkyunkawn but the one who burned his books denied. perhaps to live in peace.

Baek Yoo's son was frustrated by this betrayal.

Gil Tae Mi and Prime Minister is at their best when together. Always scheming something to gain more.

Suddenly, two brother's of Gil Yoo's follower were murdered. They pinned the  murder to Bae Yoo's son. There was a piece of his clothing found as evidence at the scene. Of course this is only to pressure Baek Yoo by Gil Tae Mi.

In exchange for some lands, his son will be released. Very cunning Gil Tae Mi.

The scene where Bang Won's idealism would either be crushed totally or arise once again, firm and sturdy.

It was a form of betrayal to see his teacher talking and siding with the enemy Gil Tae Mi. It was as if all this time, their words of encouragement to young students were all lies.

Bang Won confronted his teacher. They argue what's the difference between good and evil. This is really an interesting part of the story because how these two words differ will be the focal point of view of one's principle.

For Bang Won who suffered shame under Gil Yoo's hands, he just succumbed to protect his life but not gave in or gave up what he believes in.

Bang Won stressed that he is not good [because of what happened to him] but at least he is just. He will never accept evil acts.
Justice for him will be his scale in measuring what differentiate evil from good.

The plot of planting evidence...

The teacher was the one who hire assassins to kill the brothers. But then he learned that they were already dead when the killer arrived. Who then killed those two?

The third dragon in the epic saga has been unleashed!

Bang Won... what had he done?

They young boy's fire inside has been ignited by circumstances that he can not stop or right. But from his point of view, it is better than not doing anything and goes along with the people who suppress others.

I think his ways may not be different from evil acts, but he compensated them by  "end justifies the means". 


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