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Monday, October 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Cheer Up Episode 2 Highlights

This drama got me hooked!
But the downside, I am saddened that K-dramas keep on portraying dark situations like suicides which shows how weak and mentally burdened young adults are in their society. This is the only flaw of the drama for me even if it will show progress in a positive way as it develops as friendship tightens and make a difference in the lives of those who suffer emotionally and mentally.

I just hope that this kind of weakness will be lessened in k-dramas because there are minors who are watching and if they are not properly guided, this can confuse them. I personally want to endorse this to my niece who likes k-dramas as well, but because there is such theme, I am hesitating, although not really sure if she has not already seen this. She is updated as me when it comes to teen dramas.

Okay ....

So back to the episode.

I love that our heroine Kang Yeon Doo is feisty and not a push over. Well, she is the type who can give up something she loves for the right reasons. When she quit from the previous episode, she realized that she has to go back, thanks to her loyal friend Ha Dong Jae who keeps her smiling.

So, surprising Baek Ho with her appearance, she dragged her chair telling them she will join them to their astonishment!

Back to school is the girl who always got herself from troubles. Ah chincha, this secretary, it is against the law, you know to hurt a student, did you not know?

I laughed at this scene where Yeon Doo's omma caught him dragging her daughter! 

Go omma!!!

But then, her announcement of transferring her was doused with cold water when Yeon Doo told her she will not transfer.

The mother's bravado was only up front and she easily regretted her outburst and acting that way at the office.

Calm... it was the right thing to do.

Punished again...

but she was also trying to catch attention...

Friendship Goals!!!!
All for one!

Their friendship may look foolish to others but it's the kind that can be envied too.

Friendship between Dong Jae and Yeon Doo...

I want to pity this girl Kwon Soo Ah because the things she does are because she is pressured to be the best to be accepted in a prestigious school. Only her pride would not admit that she played dirty towards Yeon Doo to use her to her own advantage.

The sorry part...Soo Ah is standing firm as a b***h and not admitting to her  mistakes.

War keeps going on...

Team Soo Ah washed Yeon Doo's things that are not washable.

Payback time! It's better to fight when friends are there to back you up.

And it feels good after the victory!

Dancing makes them happy... 

even if Real King is no more.

Opppss! An idea just entered this Principal's mind. Something to make Yeon Doo and her group do in  order to revive Real King.

Without knowing, it was all a ploy to help Soo Ah for her specs that she needed. 

But Kim Yeol is too smart to be fooled. He called the Director Lee who gave him a calling card to entice him to hire her to help him prepare for his college interviews.

All of the efforts that will be put together is for Soo Ah after all. Something that Yeon Doo will never do even if it means no Real King. She won't be used.

Hurt because of rejection, Soo Ah has so many words for Yeon Doo that stings through the heart. She emphasize how different they are and that Yeon Doo won't be able to step foot to where she would be in the future. Soo Ah clearly thought that being academic smart is the only important thing in the world. 

But away from prying eyes, she is a weakling who suffers from her mother's high expectation of her.

I just wish there were no scenes like this...

It makes me weak seeing blood. 

Seo Ha Joon has been suffering emotionally. He is stressed from his family. He is so afraid of his dad. I guess a lot of expectations are also at stake here that's why he is always in this state of suicidal.

Dong Jae found him inside the comfort room they shared and looking at Dong Jar, he seemed to have his own demons inside. He slowly crumpled at the sight of Ha Joon with blood.

Kim Yeol arrived and with strength helped his friend get up.

Sneaky... cunning, Soo Ah found a piece of cloth that will help her achieve her goal even if using poor Ha Joon at his expense.

Yeon Doo and her group decided to join a contest. While dancing, she sprained her foot but silently endured it until the end. She visited a hospital after to get medical treatment

At the hospital...

Kim Yeol was very concerned to Ha Joon. He was angry that he did it to himself. He loves him as a true friend and he told him not to do it again or he himself will kill him. His concern was very transparent.

Unexpected meeting...

Kim Yeol was abrupt and cold towards Yeon Doo. Gone was his usual naughty smiles directed at her to piss her off. He was hiding the real reason why they were at the hospital.

But their teacher was also there. They got to hide or be caught!

Hmmm...a situation that is just so cute to watch. They do have amazing chemistry, these two!

Outside the dorm, Dong Jae was anxiously waiting for the return of both Kim Yeol and Ha Joon. he was also keeping silent about what happened even to Yeon Doo.

Kim Yeol had to beg to the Principal not to let Ha Joon's father know what happened, or his friend will be brought to a mental institution.

The frustrating part, he was now being blackmailed to cooperate with the cheer dance in order for the Principal to let the matter rest.

Kim Yeol will do anything for his friend to protect him without telling him what transpired between him and the Principal.

Time to ask help for Yeon Doo.

But she is not easy to talk to, She won't agree because she won't be used for Soo Ah's advantage. Besides, they too have issues between them. 

He is not her friend after all.

Oh..oh...looks like something has to come up to make her agree.


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