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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Glamorous Temptation Episode 2 Highlights

Episode 2 takes us back to the past where the root of the problem and conflict did start.

A story of young love from different class in society. A love story that could have been beautiful but abruptly cut because of things beyond their control.

Most of the times, I wished that the younger part of the heroine and hero on the story would be short so I can enjoy the adult version but in this drama, I found it sweet as Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk portrayed their characters. The chemistry is beautiful and youthful romance brings out smile and melancholic feelings at the same time.


He is more into her than she is into him, maybe because between the two of them, she is more realistic about their situation and difference in their way of living. She knew his mother does not approve of her being the daughter of their driver and housekeeper. She is not ashamed but she knew where she stands.

Unlike Hyung Woo, he does not care. He shows how much she means to him. He intends to be her future. But for Eun Soo, she is being discreet as much as possible to avoid ill feelings from his mother who knew what is happening. If only his mother can accept her for his son...

The only good thing is that his father is a very good man and treats them as family. Her parents have been working for the Assemblyman for ten years now. They also eat together, which Hyung Woo's mother disapproves but could not do anything.

Eve if Han young Ae, Hyung Woo's mother told his father that she does not want to continue living that way, the Assemblyman patiently explains that they are family.

The Third Wheel
Baek Sang Yi / Kang il Joo

I understand that Baek Sang Yi [later on as Kang Il Joo] is a pitiful girl now that her mother died. She is left alone with no one to take care of her except this unknown ahjumma who suddenly appeared in their house just before her mother died. She was to take care of her as per request of her dying mother who was a friend.

This woman knew her mother well and her secrets. She was sworn not to tell who her real father is. But this secret will be this woman's opportunity in the future.

Because the Assemblyman has been thinking of retiring, his life is now at risk. He knew so much about the secrets of the party that his retirement brings anxiety. One of the risk that will ensure his loyalty is to make him feel that not only him is in danger but his son.

Unfortunately, it was Eun Soo who was near the place where the accident happened and Hyung Woo just managed to save her. He was hurt.

His mother should have known but because she does not like Eun Soo, she blames her for what happened to Hyung Woo. She was so angry. Well, after all she is a mother that only sees her own child. 

It pains Eun Soo to hear harsh words from Hyun Woo's mother. It feels as if she will never be good enough, as the daughter of the driver and a housekeeper.

She went home without seeing Hyung Woo. When she saw her father, she asked if they can leave the house and find another job. She suddenly feels how pathetic it is to be greedy about Hyung Woo's love for her when they come from different class in society. How can a poor girl love a rich boy?

The Assemblyman talked with the men who put the signage in the building and was assured that they put it firmly and safe. The accident was really a surprise because they made sure they did their job properly. The Assemblyman somehow knew that it was not an accident but a warning coming form someone who is much powerful than his current position.

Sang Yi was introduced to the family as a relative from Hyung Woo's mother's side. 

Hyung Woo even injured wrote a letter and throw it inisde Eun Soo's bedroom window. Sang Yi was behind him. She knew what that was for.

I think at this early on, she already has a crush on Hyun Woo. She also knew how much he likes this other girl.

During dinner, Eun Soo started again how other people regard their family. Under the Assemblyman's care, people seems to think that they are homeless. Eun Soo don;t want to be pitied that way.  Her mother who never mind what other people think got angry at her.

A father who knows how his daughter feels. A father who wants what's best for her daughter, but too coward to do anything. Or maybe not coward but too thankful/grateful towards the Assemblyman to betray him and leave.

Eun Soo saw the message from Hyung Woo. He wanted to meet her tomorrow by the tree. By this time I think Eun Soo is somehow in between giving in and letting go of him.

I really am not liking Sang Yi. She is a sneaky girl. She eavesdrops on something that she should not. Yes, it was a mistake when she was about to knock but she should have left and not curious of what they were discussing inside.

Now she knew the secret of her mother.

Next day...

Happy Hyung Woo anmticipating his meeting with Eun Soo.

Waiting by the tree where their names were engraved...

But Eun Soo did not go to where he is waiting. She went to school even if her mind are full of things that bothers her.

Bullies will always appear..
ah chongmal!

Hate these bullies!

Sang Yi butted in. I think she really wanted to be Eun Soo's friend sincerely. I want to think that way. I want to think that she finds comfort having someone by her side now that she is alone. 

Both girl fight the bullies. This was how they got closer.

Hyung Woo was caught skipping school by his father. They talk under the tree where he was still waiting for Eun Soo. His father gave a little encouragement to him and to his feelings.

Sang Yi and Eun Soo

Seeing Hyung Woo still by the tree, Eun Soo decided to go ahead. But Hyung Woo ran after her.

The ever curious Sang Yi got his back by the tree and saw the names engraved with a heart. 

I do think that she is a bit cunning and likes to assert herself just like when she went inside Hyung Woo's room uninvited. She asks questions about him. 

Friendship grows...

This is the part where I truly believe Sang Yi is not what she pretends to be. She is cunning and manipulative and scheming. Banking on her friendship with Eun Soo, she who knew what is happening between her and Hyung Woo still tries to pretend she knew nothing.

She confessed about her secrets, her background how she feels alone and glad that she has her. Sang Yi tried getting Eun Soo emotionally tangled with her that when she told her that she likes Hyung Woo it feels like she likes him first.

This kind of revelation will always put friendship in a compromising way if both feels the same way towards one boy. In this case, I totally understand why Eun Soo keeps her silence about her and Hyung Woo. Sang Yi had made herself vulnerable in that moment that Eun Soo would not do anything to upset her more. It was a calculated move by Sang Yi that Eun Soo never even doubted.

The Elder

The man who was responsible in the death of Eun Soo's husband back in the present. The same man who is the head of the party list where Hyung Woo's father is a part of. The man who seems to be the power behind the party. The man who will have more power that scars everyone involved.

His visit to Hyung Woo's father is about the latter's decision to retire. He is anxious of what he knew and even though assured by the Assemblyman of his loyalty it seems that it is not enough. There are slush funds to take care of.

The time to make this elder Kang Suk Hyun meet Baek Sang Yi. A calculated move by Hyung Woo's mother, of course.

Because Kang Suk Hyun is Sang Yi's father.

Hyung Woo and Eun Soo by the tree where it all began...

The Kiss

The Witness to the sweet Kiss

And Eun Soo felt she betrayed Sang Yi.

Yes, this is the sad part and the result of Sang Yi's plans. Now Eun Soo felt as if she was the one who stole Hyung Woo from her.

Excited how this drama will unfold.


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