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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Cheer Up Episode 3 Highlights

To persuade Kang Yeon Doo to do cheer dance with Baek Ho.

Kim Yeol had no choice but to do anything in his power to make Kang Yeon Doo agree to do the cheer dance. But of course, it would take good reasons for Yeon Doo to change her mind. If it's only for Soo Ah, she won't let herself be used. She was hurt by Soo Ah's betrayal.

So here, it was no wonder that even if Yeol asked her to do it, she rejected the idea.

It's always a pleasure for Soo Ah to make Yeon Doo feel betrayed, like rubbing the fact that two of Yeon Doo's friends hid the fact that they are helping Soo Ah behind her back.

But the truth was, they had no choice because they were kicked out of their dorms, pressured [perhaps?] by the school and so sought Soo Ah. In doing so, they were able to stay.

I so love these two. Either bickering or just being cute together. But here, Yeol was still trying to make Yeon Doo change her mind. Sorry, but she is headstrong.:))

Inside the classroom, Yeol thought of making himself and Yeon Doo alone by volunteering information of his violations. He was eager to do voluntary work as punishment as long as Yeon Doo came along.

So he told about Yeon Doo going out of school without permit.

They both ended up in a storage to sort the cans. A way for Yeol to have the chance to convince her to change her mind.

Chincha! He looks so adorable while he keeps on smiling like this and  teasing Yeon Doo!
Seriously! This boy is gonna be my next K-crush!

Omo..omo..shame on me. I'm like a noona... hahahaha

This is so cute! hahahaha

Another evicted from the dorm.

Yeon Doo felt it was all her fault why her friends are suffering. If only she would do what they told her then everything will be alright. But it's making her more stubborn because she truly do not want to do the cheer dance and make them use her for their selfish purposes.

And this frustrates her even more. By this time I think Yeol can truly understand her if only he is not doing it also for his friend Ha Joon.

Curfew in a few minutes and they are still outside. Ha Joon threw a rope for Yeol to go up. He teased Yeon Doo the first time because she would not come up but then he came down again for her.

Outside the room, Dong Jae stood by guarding the door after he saw his friend climbing up into the room with Yeol.

She hid under the blanket...

Another close encounter between these two adorable kids.

Hmmm....the feels.

Could not sleep...

Finally, Yeon do and the rest of the gang decided to do the cheer dance. They even wrote letters ahead and gave them to the principal...if only to make her feel the sarcasm.

Of course, she knew it was all for his friends and not really a lie.

Proposal interrupted...

The New Teacher

Sexy at the back...

looks like teacher Yang Tae Bum was disappointed when she turned around. lol

Love her fiery personality! No one messes with her!

I like to pity this girl, really. She is hiding a cigarette.

Dong Jae caught her...

Yeol caught her, too...

Yeol tried to corner Soo Ah by telling the teacher he lost his wallet so all bags will be inspected knowing the cigarette he out inside her bag. A lousy thing to do but Yeol  could not think of any to get back at Soo Ah.

Yeon Doo caught on his scheme...

But of course, Yeon Doo won't let it happen even if she dislike Soo Ah. Somehow she saved her by telling Yeol in a loud voice that he should look at his wallet in his table.

Yeol was confused why Yeon Doo did it.

Always a b****! Yeah Soo Ah is impossible.

That slap was so uncalled for!

Good thing Yeol and Dong Jae are on Yeon Doo's side.

Which makes Soo Ah even more feel pathetic. She had Yeon Doo, a loyal and kind friend whom she could confide her problems. She had a friend who commit suicide before. She dealt with the pain using cigarette that's why Yeon Doo knew what it means to her.

Soo Ah's mother is like poison that kills her slowly. Nothing seems to matter but being number 1. 
As her mother said the word losers, I wonder if envy does not even seep in to her mind watching how happy this kids are as they enjoy life unlike her daughter? I feel sorry for these mother and daughter.

But even if Soo Ah wants to feel envious of Yeon Doo and her friends, this only makes her want to hurt her more. Yeol must have caught on her plans though.

Paln to hurt Dong Jae. Now I know that he has problem touching other people. Psychological, an after effect maybe of the accident in his past. Soo Ah knows about it and used it o him.

Dong Jae got hurt. 

Yeol blaming her on her devious acts.

It should make her feel guilty though but she always fight it.
Just to be mean? To make herself believe she is right? To make Yeon Doo see that she is stronger than her? To stay spiteful?

Yeah, love Yeon Doo for not staying still!

Practice starts...

But the girls in Haebok keeps on whining.

Just then parents come to the school ready to battle with the new teacher for making their children work hard for the cheer dance.

As Education Department office got a call about doing something for specs.

Face Off...

LOL! And they thought this teacher will be sacred of them! Hah! Good for you! 

The moment of truth...

Who will win and who will lose in this face off?

Interesting scenes as Yeol smirks at the side. Yes, I get you. This is something to look forward to next episode.


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