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Monday, October 23, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) [GIF] episode 4 Because This Is My First Life Highlights

Episode 4 is basically dealing with the reality that both our leads have decided to agree on a contractual marriage and the consequences of their agreement. It is not just an agreement between the two of them. Yes, they thought of ways to feel comfortable living. Se Hee needs a roommate and now a wife to satisfy his parents desire for him to marry. Ji Ho needs a place to settle in where she will be comfortable and away from home. Hearing Se Hee needs her (well not romantically) still those words had an effect on her self esteem. It could be businesslike in nature but still for the first time she is needed.

If they think it will be as easy as walking at the park then they thought wrong. I mean.. They have families they have to inform.not necessarily ask permission because they are of age. And she comes from a strict family. Her father is not easy to please. They have to plan so everything will be smooth. But of course the moment of truth sometimes is not easy to handle.

Se Hee has to placate her father from outburst after hearing they are living together. He was literally pushed down to his knees hard to say he will not let her hands get wet figuratively. 

Just only then her father seemed to accept this sudden marriage they told him. Now with his family it is more informal. He just have to send his mother with a selfie of him and Ji Ho as his soon to be wife. Even that scene was stiff but brought the laughs for he was so awkward and she was not sure what he was trying to do. Taking photos with him is tough task already.

But everything else aside they are fine with the set up. She has yet to break the secret to her best friends. But it will be hard on Ho Rang though to hear wedding bells from her. She juts had a fight with her boyfriend who seemed very clueless of what a girl wants despite his efforts of giving her what she wants.

That's why there is a saying Man is from Mars and Women from Venus. (Ahmm..am i right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
Anyway these two lovebirds need to talk and compromise. She can't wait forever while he can't understand her.

I am looking for more interaction between Soo Ji and Se Hee's friend the CEO. They had a past but ironically she does not remember him. Now he kept on bugging her thru phone text and she just blocked him.πŸ˜‚

Ji Ho is the one that when she made uo her mind she will go through with it without looking back. I like her attitude. She can stand up for herself and choose self preservation over a job where she is being coerced to forgive a man who assaulted her. She chose to protect herself than to work with people who does not care of her well being. Good job Ji Ho.πŸ‘

I am looking forward on how Se Hee will transformed into a man who will have reasons to smile. πŸ˜€ throw out that stiffness in him and just start to enjoy life. Ji Ho will certainly spice up his dull life.

Some scenes πŸ‘‡

She needs a room more than anything

The love birds...

How crazy Ji Ho can be when necessary...
She wants to take up Korean Literature against her father's wish to being a prosecutor.

She planned on going without his notice at the last minute.

Daily life seems to be ideal for him..
For her.

Got to meet her parents though..

Se Hee walking like a top model

Tips on what to say to her father...

Meet the parents...

The moment when living together slipped out of your own mouth!


Unexpected bend down on your knees...


Se Hee's turn..

Selfie time

Proved to be funnier than i thought.

Surprising Ho Rang...

Was not a good idea after all.
That sofa she loves caused them a fight.

Compromising on minimal expenses when ti comes to wedding.
Just as she thought...
Grand and beautiful weddings are only for those who have money to spend.

But then here they are going thru a wedding?

A sudden change in their decision.

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