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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

[screencaps] episode 9 My Golden Life Highlights

And  I thought the secret will be revealed! I think that picture of Ji Soo will be one of the clues that will be revealed in the future.  For now I want to understand the mother for lying again.

The hard part of adjusting to the lifestyle of the chaebol's daughter is to prepare herself to so much lessons.I like the father who looks for her welfare and must be feeling how she must be having a hard time learning.

The necklace, Ji An asked to be given back to her which was interpreted in a bad way by her sister. Of course this one is acting like a brat but then it is how she grew up as a rich daughter and now all attention is towards Ji An which I think she is craving from her parents.

I am feel the cringe everytime they met seriously. She and her obvious attraction to him and him not liking it one bit. I feel sorry for Ji Soo and I want her badly to wake up from her crush towards him. The more she acted on her feelings the more he will ignore her.

when you want to get married but can't...

The husband found out about the restaurant and he thought leaving the document in the open will stop his wife from proceeding with her plans. He thought wrong.

time for that break up

I love how Ji Soo loves her father and showing it. And I love how in his own way return the love towards her even if it is because of guilt. But i think he does love her sincerely like a real daughter.

The difference between bonding moment with a sister who grew up with him and her who know nothing about their taste in music, It was awkward as if she is intruding.

Ji Soo would never leave them for money. I think she means it. She has a pure heart, innocent and perhaps she was somehow protected as she grew up by Ji An and her siblings.

Time to ignore the man of her dreams!

They had a past encounter that is why she felt the attraction...

Do Kyung and Ji An

She had indigestion...

Ji An can not ignore her family..Ji Soo needs her...

Do Kyung learned about his gift that Ji An took back...

Because Ji An did not attend lessons her mother new where she went and now she wants all traces of her past to be thrown away!

Ji An telling her mother that she is trying but it's hard...

she looked for her things at the trash bags...

wanting so much to have beer...she decided to sneak out.

Do Kyung was there to catch her...


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