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Sunday, October 22, 2017

[screencaps] episode 8 My Golden Life

In this scene I agree with Do Kyung. It may sound unfair to JiAn because she is still missing her family and old life but she should have also thought of what the members of this family think and feel.

She has decided hence she should abide by her decisions.

To be a part of the family she has to undergo training before she will be revealed to the society. She has schedules on everything.

I am intrigued of a possible past encounter between these two.

Why did he hide? 

I find this totally unbecoming behavior. I mean..if I am a friend in need and I am not asking for your help which clearly JiAn had been I will find this insulting or perhaps too embarrassing.

They only met recently again and I think JiAn is not the type to burden people. He is making her feel uneasy with this action. He acts as if he has the right to do so which is arrogant of him.

And when she refused, still he put the money inside her bag without her knowing.

Another mistake on JiAn's part was thinking of her former family and not think of her new family's feelings. She lost her phone (Do Kyung found it) and she did not think that would probably be looking for her or feel anxious when she can not be reached.

She should have thought that these people had trauma when it comes to the daughter that was taken from them. 

She has no idea while she was lost in thoughts....

She only could say "sorry" for worrying them.

She apologized to Do Kyung.

Her voice mail to her father.

The reason why Ji Tae could not marry his girlfriend...

He is the eldest son and takes care of his family. He wants to be the filial son.

Irony of two mothers sleeping with the wrong child.

When things get more awkward between Do Kyungvand JiAn.

They are not siblings but they don't know it.

How to adjust in a house where everything is taken care of by maids.

A sister who feels tired of her newfound older sister.

The real daughter.

Even this woman knew about the twins. One of them seemed left handed but time had made her memory confused of who between JiAn and JiSoo is.

A clue that could have tell the truth.
JiSoo or JiAn?
But JiSoo was the one in the photo.

Will the truth be revealed?


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