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Monday, October 23, 2017

[mslee's thoughts] Drama Lovers... It's Raining K-Dramas!

I think this season dramas are pouring in too much that viewers just  have enough room to breathe in between dramas. Like weekdays are full with interesting new stories and even weekends we are treated to new dramas from cable channels like OCN, JTBC and tvN. Then there are still the on going family dramas that we have started to watch when family gatherings at weekend ends. Seriously...kdrama are everywhere and seems to be writers are all in a competition. The best ratings will snatch the win for stories who got more viewers.

Let us start with Monday and Tuesday slot in primetime KST. I am currently watching Temperature of Love with Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong. Alright let's throw in Kim Jae Wook's name in the list and I have a packed drama with good actors and romantic story with burning chemistry of the leads. The story has reached it's cliffhanging peak last week with both Hyun Jin and Se Jong in a sweet and oh-so-blushing moment kisses that really burns the screens. I thought I would have a follow up on Tuesday night but then...ugh..network decided to cancel the next episode in favor of something. I don't know. I haven't read the news why it was cancelled. I was just waiting the whole day of Wednesday for the subbed version of the episode but no sites where able to provide me with that. My anticipation was like a balloon that got pricked by a needle...boom...air gone!

Then the new drama that stole my attention surprisingly was Because This Is My First Life with Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki. Another Monday and Tuesday drama that can be a match for TOL in my opinion. The opposite personality of the leads are intriguing and interesting at the same time. One is stiff and organized with a stable job while the other is although a struggling writer has a nice and flexible personality but surprisingly has good housekeeping skills that our guy lead is looking for in a roommate. The story has developed into both agreeing into a contractual marriage. First kiss happened in episode 1 and I think romance part of the story will be worth waiting for.

Let's us go to Wednesday and Thursday slot. I started it with While You Were Sleeping but although the story is good and I like the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, somehow I put it on hold beginning week three. I am not sure why I am not really looking forward to the episodes but I am planning on continuing to watch the series later on. So no spoilers for me and I don't plan on reading reviews on it so I will not know how it will end. Just to surprise me.

Mad Dog is a must watch drama for me. Yoo Ji Tae is a reason and then Woo Do Hwan is the add ons so to speak. This young actor who have been a great cast in Save Me is a stealer. And he continues to steal scenes in this new drama Mad Dog which centers on insurance fraud and accidents that involved YJT's family. The drama is quite tough to understand for me because I don't know much about insurance although I know when I see deliberate accidents just to claim for benefits. The conspiracy between an insurance agent and the buyer is one of the theme of the drama and YJT and his team are looking out for this fraudulent transactions. WDH is a character that is layered and full of mystery. By episode 3 he was shown as the brother of the pilot who crashed the airplane that had YJT's wife and son.What else is in store for me as a viewer I will be gladly anticipating.

Friday nights are now showing The Package with Lee Yeon Hee and Jung Yong Hwa.A story of travelling in a tour in France. A story of the different characters in the tour and how their journey will affect relationships. A story of life and a possible death. A story of broken romance and finding your one true fate. The drama is slow paced but I had moments of laughter that I am just glad I am watching it. I love historical places and The Package is bringing me with them to a place in Europe where I have never been and hoping to set foot in the future. Places are beautifully shot. Of course the cinematography is on point. One of the best selling points of the drama are the stories behind these historical places for me, So yeah.. this drama is entertaining enough to be included in my early weekend night drama watch.

Let us start officially my weekend with 2 family dramas that are both cliche' but still captures the essence of what family is all about. First on my list is The Man Who Sets The Table with Soo Young and Oh Joo Wan as the otp. A daughter who has yet to live up to the expectation of her father and a son who has yet to know the secrets about his true father. Both struggling to be successful together. I like the pace of the romance. It's there but they have time to deal with it in a not a hurried manner.  Because there are more important issues in the story that needs to be tackled first. Of course this is a 50 episode series and there is time to take everything in a comfortable stride.

Second is My Golden Life. Park Sii Hoo and Shin Hye Sun are the main otp. Unfortunately they were introduced properly as siblings for her character was that of the long lost daughter of the chaebol family which is HaeSung Group. She had a tough life while he is comfortably running a company as the eldest son of a favorite daughter to the Chairman. There are twists though because she is really not the daughter but JiSoo who grew up as her twin. Their mother lied when she was asked who was the adopted one. The drama scenes with JiAn and her true father always made me tear up. He reminds me of my own father who was always there supporting me as his child. Anyway, the cat and mouse relationship between the otp is fun to watch and the awkwardness is truly there between them. I wonder how will their feelings develop in the future?

Another 2 drama i added are Revolutionary Love and Black. One is a romcom and the other other one while there are also funny scenes was more on fantasy\mystery. Kang So Ra and Choi SiWon both look good together on screen and their dynamics are cute to watch. A chaebol's son who is always in trouble and a struggling woman who lives day to day thru part time work and has a past that concerns her father's death tied up with the company owned by SiWon.

Black is a supernatural drama where a grim reaper possessed a dead body of a human being which is a no..no in their rule but he has to to catch up his runaway partner. Song Seung Hun is hot as the lead male of course. Go Ara has ability to see shadows or death coming. Their paths crossed and not surprisingly in a kdrama, they have a past like they met during their childhood days and she fell in love with him.

There are more dramas not in my current list but I say that with these dramas alone I my entire nights are full there is no room for more. Maybe after one or two ends then I can accommodate new dramas. With WYWS still in the waiting list..my thoughts are all in a jam no wonder I can hardly catch up on updating my blog and share thoughts on dramas I watch.

So you see, drama lovers are in for a treat this season. Because it is raining K-dramas!


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