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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[MINSUL] TRANS by peach20kr - AMAZING f(x) Minho Calling Sulli

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at 01:30
victoria: sulliya, since you're twenty years old now, isn't there anything that you want to do?
Sulli: things that I wasn't able to do in my teens..
at 01:37-01:45
Sulli: Will it be OK if I say this? I want to go to the club, drink beer and watch rated 19+movies
and I want to play with a boyfriend.
at 02:43
Sulli: I'd like to take a trip..
Luna: How about going to Maldive as a birthday gift for Sulli?
at 03:05-03:15
Luna: I heard we must do things on the bucket list at least once.
Sulli: Yes, we must do it, because we'll have more fear and be more scared as we're getting older
and older(Sulli sounds teasing Victore who's much older than her)
Krystal: That's right!! do it when you're young!!
at 04:12-24
victoria called the manager saying "we want to go to New zealand"
Sulli: Tell him if he allowed us to go there, we would do our best when comeback.
at 05:59-06:02 (give their thoughts about going to New zealand)
Sulli: there will be no one who can stop me as I'm an adult now.
at 06:52 -07:15
suddenly someone's calling Sulli( amber whispers "oppa")
sulli: Hello? oppa! but I'm filming now (the caption says sulli who's affectionally talking to a mysterious oppa on the phone)
oppa, we're going to go to New zealand..you envy me, don't you?
(the caption says Sulli fans across the nation must be crying now (out of jealousy as Sulli is too sweet to oppa)...
It's true, I mean it!! we're working on the bucket list now. what should I write on the bucket list?
What should I do before dying?
at 07:16-07:35
Sulli: What do you think I should do before dying?
Minho: Uhhh..I think you should do some exercise
Sulli: What???!!!! (Minho's thought is that exercise is perfect for Sulli's bucket list)
Minho: (laugh)
Sulli: No way!!!
Minho: You exercise too little, do more exercise!
Sulli: (embarrassed) No need of exercise for me!
Minho: (laugh) (come on, don't say) you don't need to exercise??? there's in need of exercise to some degree.
Amber is talking to Minho instead of Sulli who has a mental breakdown
at 07:56-08:27
Sulli: oppa, when you went to (England) on Shinee's one fine day, what was the most interesting thing for you?
Minho: oppa watched a soccer match. watching a soccer match was exciting but
travelling alone by train was also great and it was good for me to walk around by myself as well..
Sulli: Really? .. you called me at really good timing, thank you (laugh)
Minho: I see,

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