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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[NEWS 130529] "Jang Ok-jeong" Kim Tae-hee finally bore the child of Yoo Ah-in.

"Jang Ok-jeong" Kim Tae-hee finally bore the child of Lee Soon (Yoo Ah-in) on the sixteenth episode of SBS drama "Jang Ok-jeong".

Jang Hee-bin sent a letter to Lee Soon and asked him out to the summerhouse.

He told her, "We haven't done this in a while and Jang Hee-bin said, "Do you remember what you said to me? You said you'll never let go of my hands".

"I have something to tell you and you must never let go of me now. I think I have conceived your child".

Lee Soon didn't seem happy. He seemed confused and took his eyes off her. However, he then opened his arms wide and hugged her saying, "I have to choose you in the end".

Jang Hee'bin said, "I thought you weren't happy" and started crying. Lee Soon replied, "No I am very happy. I have waited so long for this child".

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