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Thursday, May 30, 2013

When A Man Loves Episode 18 Screencaps + short recap

The story is coming to it's end. 

More revelations, more turning of events and personally, honestly, I am liking how these two consecutive episodes have been written and shown.

I have always thought that the writer will give me a reason to stay thru till the end. I have known from the start that MD character will be hated much. That's why I kept myself from cursing this confuse and naive girl. Yes, this is how I saw her. With a lot of pride hanging on her shoulder despite her dire circumstances. I have seen and predicted that JH will turn into something out of character that he is portraying. Because in a love triangle, where he played not the lead role, and in this case, he was the one who stole MD from TS, it is not surprising if he goes all the way. With his jealousy, narrow mind and not having a bit of decency or least loyalty to the one who gave him good education, I am not surprised one bit.

Even though MD has hurt TS badly, still, I'll say again, I'd choose her anytime than SJ who keeps on planning the destruction of TS and waiting at the sides when it happens just for her selfish whim she called love. Pathetic fool, that's what I think of her. No sane woman would want the man she loves to be tramped over and fall badly and then hopes he scrambles to her side. It's not going to be a healthy relationship. Because it was born out of scheme behind his back.

I've yet to wait what the writer will come up for the ending. I'm not sure if it's going to be TS and MD but one thing I hope for is that the characters will be forgiving, regretful, forget the pains and move forward. If by chance the writer wants MD to redeem herself fully for TS, I'd be happy but let time pass by, heal all wounds and fro dreams to realize.

After all, with all the flaws of the story, I still commend the writer for letting the viewers weigh their options in life. Love or pursuing dreams. In reality, many will follow their dreams and wait for love. In this modern times, I think, if it is meant to be, then love can wait. 

For now this is my POV about the turning point of the drama.

Some recaps for tonight's episode...

Chang Hee still in the hospital. JH brought Tae Min to Golden Tree and met TS, the brother. In the hospital, CH regained consciousness but decided to remain silent and closed his eyes when the investigators visited him. TS showed MD CH letter. She now knew JH isn't CH dongsaeng.

TS and MD have been civil towards one another. MD thinks of TS every now and then. Maybe realizing his worth as a person afterall.

MD family will have to move out of the building at the end of the month and has no idea that it was SJ who bought the building.

MD told JH about the letter but seemed he did not believe. TS and TM toured the city, ate and surprisingly, both can not eat spicy foods. Well, I'm not surprised, they are brothers:))

SJ, YG and JH still plotting together against TS. TS and mom had a talk, finally. Yong Gap interrupted, made TS angry and suspicious. 

TM feels JH is doing something behind TS. He recognized his brother. He visited their old home, on which MD fortunately saw. 

SJ took the toothbrush of TS mom, maybe for DNA.

MD went to TS, planning on saying about TM but a big block hanging above at the construction site suddenly dropped and TS was below it. MD rushed forward and save TS. They both fell on the floor avoiding the accident.



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