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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When a Man Loves Episode 17 Screencaps

Chang Hee in critical condition. But still alive. Tae Sang worried over his friend.
Finally, a civil talk took place between TS and MD. He let her go as she bids him goodbye and walked out of his house.

Jae Hee learned about his hyung and immediately misunderstood. He was [as I watched] blaming and asking TS about the accident.

TS read the letter CH wrote. Learned of JH real identity, not CH dongsaeng. He also learned about his omma and went to that eatery. His mom was surprised, speechless and broke down to tears as she watched him leave. They did not talk. They did not even come face to face.

My POV, I share the writer's approach here. It's better this way, no confrontation. Just testing the atmosphere. At least TS is ready to face his mother and step by step will find peace and maybe soon, he will forgive her.

SJ still plotting [?] with Yong Gap and JH.

MD remembering moments with TS. She learned that the ahjumma was TS mom.

TS meets Tae Min at the end.

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