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Saturday, January 4, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Episodes 5 & 6 Man From The Stars Review

Short recaps and mslee's thoughts

Episode 5

The opening of the drama in this episode showed the flashback of what happened as Min Joon rescued drunk Song Yi from falling over the edge of the yacht. He brought her to one of the cabin and laid her to a bed. In her drunken state, she opened her eyes and thought she was dreaming and Min Joon was invading even her dreams. She linked her arm and pulled him closer for a kiss.

First kiss from our OTP which was vague for Song Yi. Did it really happen or not? Of course, Min Joon won't say anything about it. It's his secret. Our alien is slowly feeling the attachment towards this girl even if he did not want to. What he kept to himself also was that he overheard two people talking about something but he was quick to vanish when  Jae Kyung felt his presence. These two still not know each other. I think this is a great testimony if Min Joon will connect the incidents leading to Yoo Ra's death and at the same time clear Song Yi's name.

Because there are still reporters camping outside the apartments, Song Yi stayed in Min Joon's place. In those few moments they were together, somehow, Song Yi was able to share her thoughts with him. He may look uninterested but he was able to know this girl a little more and what she has been going through. The fact that she could be vulnerable in his presence is something that she should analyse, and so he should too.

There really was a connection between them. Yet he is still not sure if the one he met 400 years ago has anything to do with Song Yi. I think Min Joon is afraid of once again make his heart be affected by earth people because of what happened then He lost and that was a deep sorrow he endured all this time.

Meanwhile Hui Kyung had to stay with the press people and act as one, but also tried to make them see that Song Yi could not be the one reason for Yoo Ra's death. Jae Kyung sent someone to Yoo Ra's home and left a suicide note for her family to see and for the investigation to stop.

A little intriguing for the prosecutor, Se Mi's brother. It felt like something was not right but still no evidence to prove it wrong. Even if he was asked by his mother and Se Mi about it, he kept his mouth shut.

The routine inside Min Joon's apartment for Song Yi continued. Her messy kind of inhabiting a place, her way of exercising which looked foolish to Min Joon and how she brings out the madness in him. A spectacle of dragging and pulling her off the couch as she struggled free of his hands was witnessed by the man posing as his father. He was amused by what he saw. Min Joon showing emotions and affected by this girl which is so unlike him.

They shared the food he brought and it was evident how Song Yi can make him do what she wants, and have the last word. A cute sign of being not immune to Song Yi's charms, to his "father's" delight.

At the end of the day, Song Yi finally knew that her career is getting a big blow which affected her so much. Min Joon tried to protect her from knowing what was happening. In her haste to go back to her apartment, she stepped on broken glass. Min Joon put bandage on her foot. After that she went home. The place looked bigger and quieter without her. He never felt so alone.

Jea Kyung wanted badly to have the USB from Yoo Ra's purse so he phoned Song Yi and told her that he was in the vicinity and will stop by her apartment. To her surprise, she was told he will come up. She could not refuse him, being an oppa and someone she knew for a long time.

Just then, Min Joon saw Jae Kyung in the basement parking lot and knew he was the one he saw that night on the yacht. But he was going somewhere with the police investigator so he did not follow up on his instinct.

On their way to the police station, he tried to use his power to see what is happening to Song Yi that time and saw/felt that Jae Kyung could be going to Song Yi and possibly harm her. He got out of the car to the investigator's surprise and run..

Episode 6

Jae Kyung tried to search for the purse but failed. When Song Yi served him coffee she told him she knew about him and Yoo Ra and that she over heard them speaking on the yacht. it could have been a scary moment because Jae Kyung can easily target her as his next victim to shut her up. But a good thing Hui Kyung appeared on the door step and even if was a bit childish, jealous of any man with Song Yi, even if he was his brother, it was relief to see him interrupt.

Just then, Min Joon missed Jae Kyung as he hurried over to her place. Instead, he found Hui Kyung and another bout of jealousy, [i think both are experiencing it] came over Hui Kyung and acting the possessive boyfriend or so he wanted to. To Min Joon's irritated mind and at the same time feeling protective of her, he asked who else came that night. She told him about Jae Kyung and that she knew him for a long time. It was kind of funny when she pushed Min Joon outside her door and bid both guys good night.

Next morning to protect her pride, she went to her agency and declared that she is not doing anything and that she is not signing for a renewal. Her mother was there and was convincing her no to be hasty but she was firm in her decision. It was better to let them know she rejected them than made feel small and pity receiving rejections from them. Her pride is what was left of her.

 They saw Se Mi and her mother at the company and even if Se Mi tried to convince her that she won't do the offered role in the drama she just vacated she understood fully well that she already lied to her the night before. She said to her it was okay for her to do the job. Looking at Se Mi's mother in her high heels, it was a proof that Se Mi somehow betrayed her.

After she was gone, Se Mi's mother tried to persuade Se Mi to change her mind but SE Mi told her she already accepted the role. It only showed she was not as she would like others like Song Yi to believe she was. A friend. She was acting as if she was not good enough and blaming it on Song Yi but in reality, envy is eating her and she is acting on her decisions in a scheming way.

Min Joon and the ajhussi who posted as his father went on a fishing escapade. There he told him how through the years his wealth accumulated but he is now letting him dispose them one at a time. he also recalled what happened 400 years ago.

He never really said it but he certainly felt more than protective of the widowed 15 year old girl at the time. Her confession that she likes him and that she wished she would soon be a grown up to show him somehow affected him. She wanted him to escape but he decided to stay and together they flee.

It was Song Yi's birthday and Hui Kyung was planning an event for her in the amusement park later. It was also exam day for Song Yi in Min Joon's class. Before that, she received a picture with blood which made her panicked and scared and went to Min Joon but he was not in his apartment. By this time, she is trusting him without realizing.

By the time she went to school, she was accosted by the reporters, making her late and not able to take the exam. Min Joon worrying for her whereabouts used his power to listen and connects. He appeared on the scene, telling the reporters Song Yi's rights as an individual being harassed and under duress. With his knowledge of the law, he was able to point out what crimes they committed. Finally the reporters back down.

He told Song Yi to get out of the car and not be afraid when she had done nothing. They run away, and to the confusion of the reporters, their cameras would not take pictures. Guess our alien did something to them.

He brought her to the museum containing the hair pin. He saw how Song Yi was affected seeing the piece. She said it made her sad not knowing why. Meantime, Se Mi saw the photo of Min Joon on the yacht in her brother's room. She remembered his face.

She saw him 12 years ago when she was on her way to Song Yi's house and witnessed Hui Kyung bringing flowers but she rejected and ran away. She saw how she was almost rundown by a truck but miraculously, she was not and she was on the other side of the road with a man carrying her. She photograph the scene. She looked for that old photo in her drawers and found it and I think she was baffled by the resemblance.

The ending scenes were Min Joon arrived with Song Yi at the amusement park to waiting Hui Kyung. He left them alone and walked away. But he stayed. He listened to their talks. He remembered the girl and how he lost her 400 years ago.

They were running and he was pale and soon they were surrounded by guards. He used his powers to fight them but he was already weak. Some guards were put down when he looked at them. The girl already said her goodbyes to him and handed him the hair pin. She told him she won't forget him in any lifetime. The arrows were released for Min Joon but she put her body before him, receiving her death and protect him at the same time.

I think that Min Joon was too heart broken through these years because of what happened. And even though he feels something toward Song Yi, and it was evident when he stilled time because he did not want to here her answer to Hui Kyung's confession, he is afraid to show his feelings.

mslee's thoughts...

Is it really a reincarnation? Even if it is or not, what happened before is a tragic love story between a human being and an alien who was not supposed to be in love. But Song Yi already stole his heart without so much effort and if it is because of something that connects them he is afraid of feeling deep emotions now knowing he will soon leave. I wonder who will make the first move of showing their feelings?

The drama keeps me guessing and entertained and feel sad emotions at the same time. The depth of the story which is subtly injected is very fascinating. The story of the past is cathing up with the story of the present and both needs protection from this man from the stars.


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