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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

131231 - List of Winners in KBS Drama Awards 2013

Grand Prize (Daesang) - Grand Prize (Daesang): Kim Hye Soo (Queen of the Office)

Top Excellence, Actor – Joo Won (Good Doctor) & Ji Sung (Secret) 

Top Excellence, Actress - Hwang Jung Eum (Secret) 

Writer's Award: Moon Young Nam ( Wang Family)

Excellence Award (Long-Length Series) :

·Actor  – Jo Sung Ha(Wang Family) Jo Jung Suk  (The Best of Lee Soon Shin)

·Actress - Lee Tae Ran (Wang Family) Lee Mi Suk  (The Best of Lee Soon Shin) 

Excellence Award (Mid-Length  Series) :

·Actor – Joo Sang Wook (Good Doctor)

·Actress - Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor) 

Excellence Award (Mini Series) :
·Actor – Oh Ji Ho (Queen of the Office) 

·Actress - YoonA (Prime Minister And I)

Excellence Award (Daily Drama) :

·Actor – Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby's Ring)

·Actress - Lee So Yeon (Ruby's Ring)

PD's Choice Best Actor Award - Joo Won

Best Supporting Actor - Bae Seo Bin (Secret)

Best Supporting Actress – Lee Da Hee (Secret)

Actor of the Year, Awarded by PDs from 3 Broadcasters – Joo Won [Good Doctor]

Rookie (Newcomer) Award :

·Actor – Han Joo Won ( King Family)& Jung Woo  (The Best of Lee Soon-shin)

·Actress - Kyung Soo Jin (Eun Hee & Shark) & IU  (The Best of Lee Soon-shin &  Bel Ami)

Netizen  Award :

·Actor(s)  – Joo Won (Good Doctor)

·Actress(es) - Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

Popularity Award :

·Actor(s) – Ji Sung (Secret)

·Actress(es) – Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)

Youth Acting Award :

·Actor – Yun Joon Suk (Shark)

·Actress - Kim Yoo Bin (Mandate of Heaven)

Best Couple: (The Best of Lee Soon Shin) – Jo Jung Suk and IU, (Secret) – Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum,
 (The Queen of Office) – Oh Ji Ho and Kim Hye Soo, (Good Doctor) – Joo Won and Moon Chae Won, (Prime Minister and I) – Lee Bum Soo and Yoona..

Female Excellence Award (SP drama) - Han Ye Ri (Yeonu’s Summer) & BoA (Waiting for Love) 

Male Excellence Award (SP drama) - Yoo Oh Sung (the Devil Rider) & Choi Daniel (Waiting for Love)

cre: @lucky_moon via soompi thread

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