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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Preview - Episode 5 Man From the Stars

Can't wait to see the whole episode tonight!


cre: soompi

Chun Song Yi: Good morning~ Ack! Wha..? 
Do Min Joon: … Fa-father! 
Lee Hwui Kyung: Does that mean that Song Yi will be blamed for Han Yoo Ra’s death? 
Lee Hwui Kyung: Then what’s going to happen to Song Yi? 
Policeman: Look at it. It’s her will. It’s game over. 
Do Min Joon: Should I teach you how to not get hurt by people? 
Do Min Joon: Don’t give or receive anything and don’t expect anything. 
Chun Song Yi: … Jaekyung oppa? But how did you know where I live? 
Chun Song Yi: *gasp* Do Min Joon ssi! Do Min Joon ssi, are you not inside?!

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