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Friday, January 24, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 3 Inspiring Generation Review - The Sweet Kiss and The Promise of Revenge

Episode 3 is another good chapter of the drama. It opened showing Jung Tae jumping off the bridge into cold and deep water. While DobiNori gang were shocked at his fearlessness, Jjang Ddol was so worried for his safety. Long minutes passed without his body being seen in the water, the group began to think the worst. The leader, Bong Sik gave instructions to Poong Cha to use many people to find the body in what ever means. But before they could take another step from the where they stood, Jung Tae appeared swimming faster to where they were, towards the banks. He was cold and shivering but he made it. There were just acknowledgment and awe in their eyes as they took him in. I think Jung Tae just showed another facet of him that is rare and too precious for the gang to ignore. He is something.

Among the group, it was Gang Gae who felt differently. I have a huge reservation for this one. He has always been the one not happy to work with Jung Tae. And I see envy in his eyes when Jung Tae received appreciation from Bong Sik and Poong Cha. Something tells me he will be someone to reckon with in the future and might hold a grudge towards Jung Tae.

If Jung Tae is showing his skills, Do Ggoo was in pain and really minding it. He was lying on a couch in the office while Bool Gom advised him not to messed up with Dobi Nori for now. They have to lie low and let them think they won't fight them. He just told him that when they least expect it, that's the time they should strike back.

Jung Tae was sitting on hill and talking by hinmself. Seems that it was where his mother was buried. He was reminiscing the days when they were talking about waiting for his father's return riding a train. He also told that soon he will have to jump on the train. It was when Gaya suddenly appeared. I love this scene because clearly, Gaya was the one who sought him. She was vocal. They teased each other about seducing each other in front of his mother's grave. They spent an afternoon. A prelude to growing feelings. I think by this time Jung Tae found Gaya more than interesting. While Gaya could not help herself from feeling concerned about him.

Jung Tae walked Gaya home. On their way she told him where she will be taking off. She thanked him and asked if it's okay to visit her mother's grave when she is happy or sad just like him because she never knew her own mother. This conversation and their being together was seen by Ok Ryeon. She stopped. I love how the writer makes these characters true to themselves and letting out their feelings at the moment. Sometimes when I watch a Korean soap, I tend to see characters not reacting or hiding from what they see. But here, Gaya kissed Jung Tae first on his cheeks to his surprised. Maybe it was just a thank you kiss fro the friendship but non the less, it spoke volumes and Ok Ryeon witnessed it all. Her young heart was shattered to pieces. Understandable. She was always been the one on Jung Tae's side. But here comes a new young female showing her affections without reservation. Just as Jung Tae was about to react, he saw Ok Ryeon's turning walking the opposite side. He run after her and left Gaya. Gaya looked on. Jung Tae tried to explain to Ok Ryeon what happened but she stopped him. She doesn't want to cry in front of him. She told him in her own way that she was hurt. Gaya left them. So sis Ok Ryeon left Jung Tae. Jung Tae was confused.

Aka appeared walking in the streets. I wonder where he is going. He really gives me the creeps. He is one menacing character.

The interesting part is when Sinichi found Do Ggoo and told him that he is interested for him to work for him. He is recruiting him to be his "dog" as the term he used. I wonder why Do Ggoo? Considering he saw the way Jung Tae fought with him. There's got to be a catch somewhere but I think I'll get it soon. Well, Sinichi way of persuasion was very painful as he pressed his finger in between his nose and upper mouth which brought so much pain to Do Ggoo. I don't care for his pains but it showed Sinichi's great skills as a warrior.

Jung Tae and Jjang Ddol with Kkab Sae waited on the sides for the train to pass by. There is someone who they are waiting to jump from the train. When the train started to pass, the man still did not jump even if they already told him to. Not sure if he was scared or just waiting for the right time. he did jump in the end, rolled out into the grassy yet rocky ground. He died, his head hit the rocks. They went near him. Kkab Sae searched the body. found the goods/document and took it. Jung Tae was shocked to learn they will just abandon the body and not bury it. Kkab Sae and Jung Tae fight. He was kicked, even Jjang Ddol. As a viewer I understand  Kkab Sae and what's he trying to say. That's the way it is in their world. But maybe Jung Tae is naive or full of humanity in him that he just can't look the other way when things like this happens. That's why he asked Jjang Ddol to cry for him when he die because he will surely cry for him he does, too.

Shin Young Chool made a visit again to the man in the streets posing as a fortune teller. Asked him if it is time he takes care of his kids. The man stood up and asked him to follow. I am wondering about this man. He is not as he seems to be. 

Young Chool found Gaya's father. Apparently, he was looking for him for a long time. He was talking about Shinjo Deguchi betraying their comrades. He was apologizing for what he has done because of love. Young Chool wants to kill him but he requested that give him another chance in the name of his daughter Gaya.

 [I am intrigue by the exchanged of words. I am thinking that maybe Jung Tae's father is working along with Gaya's father like in an organization and when he infiltrated Yakuza he fell in love with Gaya's mother and without a choice, betrayed his colleagues, leaving Young Chool to take the blame, that's why he was gone and imprisoned. Well, that's only my guess]

One of the heartmelting scenes were when Young Chool visited Chung A in the hospital with a teddy bear. He left the room but soon. Chung A was behind him, thanking him and telling him Ok Ryeon said he was their father's friend. But I think the scene showed already that Chung A knew all along who this ahjussi was. She told him that Jung Tae doesn't hate their father but he just misses him so much. She hugged him and told him to say she was ok. Young Chool's tears flow down. Chung A touched his face and erased his tears. The scene was so beautiful. I t conveyed pent up emotions long held inside. I think Chung A was very intelligent to do that and show her emotions. After all, she really missed her father.

Jung Tae came back to the scene where the man who jumped from the train died. He was digging the ground when Kkab Sae showed holding a long digging tool. He showed him how to and I think both understand each other. Jung Tae and Kkab Sae were both sitting down, contemplating when a train appeared. He told him he wants to jump. Kkab Sae tried to stop him, but Jung Tae is one hard headed boy. He run after the train. He tried to timed his jump but missed. He rolled away from the train body aching.

Gaya went to the gisaeng house. She brought cosmetics. Ok Ryeon saw her and they talked outside. She slapped Gaya. But Gaya also slapped her. She told Ok Ryeon that she misunderstood and it was not what she was thinking. Ok Ryeon was telling Gaya not to hover at Jung Tae. Oh, oh, the girl is being territorial. The funny part was when Ok Ryeon's mother appeared, she put her arms to Gaya and let her mother think they are friends. But then their bloody nose and mouth were not unseen, so Sung Deok told them not to fight. Ok Ryeon can be funny at the unexpected moments. Maybe she doesn't want her mother to be worried for. her.

Aka seek Gaya's father. They fought. Each wounded but Gaya's father has more. Aka did not kill him but left him to die. Young Chool was waiting for Shinjo Deguchi. When he went ot his house, he saw him wounded. He asked who did this. He told him it's Aka. But he also asked that he end his pain if only to atone for his wrong doings. Young Chool pushed the knife.

Outside Gaya and Jung Tae met again, He escorted her home.  I love how Gaya keep inviting Jung Tae. She asked to go to a movie with her. Jung Tae kissed her. The taste of first love. 

But when she came home she screamed, finding her father dead and Young Chool there. Jung Tae run and saw his father too. Whether it was a misunderstanding or not, Gaya was shocked to hear jung Tae calling the man his father. She was mad, angry and ready to kill. But Young Chool put the young girl to sleep to stop her hysterics. He asked Jung Tae to look after her and that he will find the culprit. Jung Tae told him not to run away again. He laid Gaya to another room. Sinichi arrived and saw what happened. Jung Tae asked who he is. Told him he will protect Gaya. Sinichi challenged him. He fought but Sinichi was too skilled comapred to him. He was about to be killed when Gaya stopped Sinichi. She promised she will kill Jung Tae and his father when the time comes.

Revenge awaits.

After only having a short taste of first love, first kiss, the death of Gaya's father turned what could have been a nice romance into powerful vengeance.

Two souls caught up in the middle of something they have yet to learn, to unfold. Are they pawns in the game of fight? And so the story keeps me guessing.


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