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Saturday, January 25, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 4 Inspiring Generation Review - Getting Passed The Pains and Trials

The episode showed about going on with life after the first pangs of heart aches. Gaya and Jung Tae fall apart right after the sweet kiss they shared. Finding her father lifeless with Young Chul next to him and hearing Jung Tae called this man "father" was too much to take in. She assumed the worst and with heart full of venom declared vengeance!

Sinichi was about to kill Jung Tae but Gaya stopped him. She will kill both father and son with her own hands. Jung Tae could not believe what he heard, of what happened so suddenly to the young lady he just kissed. The circumstances were so ironic he had to endure the pain, body and heart.

I have always said that I love the cinematography of the drama and once again despite the sad scene where Gaya said goodbye to his father, it was such a beautiful place caught on moving camera. By the seashore, she sat there looking at the things she had with her. The photos of her mother, their family and a letter. Sinichi was standing from  distance giving her enough privacy. She read the letter and it said that she should look out for the one who wears the other half of the amulet she wears because it was the one who killed her mother. She immediately hide her necklace inside her blouse.

Sinichi exudes mystery and I am intrigue. He seems to be protective of Gaya so I wonder what's the relationship he has with her. In the scene, Gaya threatened to kill herself, and almost killed herself if not for Sinichi stopping her. It was an emotional scene and I felt the sincerity in Sinichi's eyes towards Gaya. When Gaya changed her clothes, an attendant helped her to fix herself, put on make up she transformed in this bery beautiful young woman. Sinichi was by the door looking at her and in his eyes, he remembered someone. I think it must have been her mother, he called Princess Ryoko. He was then a child but she trusted him to be her bodyguard then, to save and protect her. He saw her beauty in Gaya. A memory that brought something in his eyes, maybe sadness for that woman.

One character that caught my attention in this episode is Do Ggoo. I know I was irritated by him because of  his fight with Jung Tae, but clearly he is not the stupid "dog" people saw him. This man is an ambitious one and know when to use his head. He went to see Sinichi and he was instructed to deal with a bunch of gangster until such time he comes back. He was given a choice, to be a coward or not. I thought he would be happy to wag his tail for Sinichi but oh no, he walked out thinking differently. He has his own agenda and following orders will not make him achieve them. I think Do Ggoo will make his moves when he thinks it will be the right time and benefit him in the future. 

Another surprising scene for me was when met Chung A in the market streets while she was not feeling fine. He helped her pick up the fruits she bought and escorted her home. I think he was sincere that moment towards Chung A. Maybe his hidden goodness came out when he saw her. No malice, no motive, plain being a good samaritan.

Jung Tae went to seek Ok Ryeon. I like the way Ok Ryeon handled her feelings when she asked Jung Tae if Gaya has to do with what he has been feeling lately. For a moment, I thought it was good that Jung Tae, in his hard times sought out Ok Ryeon. Because sometimes, you only share those moments with people you really care, to reveal all yourself at your weakest. But I understood Ok Ryeon that although it's heart warming that he seeks her but at the same time, the things that made him feel low was because of Gaya. She is intelligent enough to know that while she may give comfort, he was hurting because of some one else. I can see her pain through her eyes but she held her tears with dignity. Jung Tae knew what he had done to her and feeling guilty. Guilty that he made her feel second in his life. But Ok Ryeon is not the vindictive one. She may be hurting, jealous still, she told him that she saw Gaya believing she will go to the train station. She did not act selfish. I think she realize her place.

Jung Tae run towards the station and just in time caught up with Gaya and Sinichi. When Gaya saw him, Sinichi gave instructions to his men to distract the people but Gaya touched his hand and told him she will kill him, took his samurai and with precision walked straight to jung Tae and aimed the blade. For a moment I really thought she will harm him even slashed him but stopped in mid air. Her emotions were controlled while she looked at him. Jung Tae heaved a great sigh when he was spared. I think in her heart, though she wanted badly to revenge her father she knew that Jung Tae was just caught in the middle and that she loves him. Jung Tae promised her he would find the culprit, and that he will wait for her return. 

When Gaya turned away, he repeat his promise to wait for her. She moved away. As the train started moving, he run as it speeds away until he can no longer catch up. 

When he reached home that was when he saw Do Ggoo with Chung A. He immediately flared up and hit him. Chung A stopped him and explained. She was mad at Jung Tae acting that way. She told him that Do Ggoo helped her and she was just offering him something to eat in return. I think this incident somehow put a truce between this two men. Do Ggoo even offered him to asked him for money if he needed for Chung A.

When Sinichi and Gaya arrived at their destination, there was Aka in a fight with Aoki. Both are fierce fighter but the master is Aka. Gaya watched. Sinichi told him about the rules of the fight and that if the trainer, Aoki won't be able to at least wound his opponent then he will die. Aoki was determined. After a long battle, he threw his samurai on the ground just beside Aka and pounced forward to defend the blade Aka was about to pierce his way and in a surprise move got hold of his samurai on the ground and slashed Aka on his side.

Gaya was so engrossed and at the same time frightened. Sinichi told her that her first hurdle would be with Aka so is her last hurdle. When she was taking a bath, Aoki suddenly appeared not minding her lack of clothing and just talked to her. He told her that they are the same, trainers until such time they will be trusted with another great task. He also advise her about Aka.

I think I will like Aoki's character. Not so much has been divulge yet but I will be interested what will be his role in Gaya's life. Denkai Doyama instructed Sinichi to train Gaya and make her surpass her mother's abilities.He won't see her until such time. She trained under Sinichi. hard training. While she was learning her skills, so is Jung Tae. He is learning how to jump the train. Poong Cha and Bong Sik are both looking out at him and giving tips. They are showing Jung Tae their concern, even giving him something to wrap around his hands so as not to slip once he grabbed the handler.

The moment of real trial came for Both Jung Tae and Gaya.

What I like about Gaya is that not only is she determined to win this battle but also uses her head to outwit his opponent who is Aka. The scary Aka. Waiting for her first move, Gaya told him she make when she is ready to make it. Minutes passed, sweat already forming in Aka's head, Gaya, a bit trembling but not wavering in her stance, she waited for that slip Aka would show. He slacked his hands on his samurai and that's when Gaya moved fast. Throwing her other blade towards Aka who was surprised by her sudden move, ward off the flying dagger but forgot there's still the other dagger in her hand that she skillfully threw on his side piercing him, blood flowing.

A very intelligent and nicely executed plan of Gaya. She just earned respect and acknowledgment of her capabilty. Aoki was watching from a distance and he smirked a little. 

Jung Tae prepared for his jump. That night he prepared the package and left. Chung A was awake and has her own plans. DobiNori bid him to take care. Poong Cha and Bong Sik were there telling him to come back safe. Kab Sae and Jjang Ddol were with Jung Tae and saw him off. his attempt at jumping the train was not easy but he got hold of the handle and gripped it hard. He made it. The sad part, the people who were there when he jumped off stabbed him and got the package. They left him bleeding.

Unexpected disappearance of Chung A made Jjang Ddol, Ok Ryeon and the gisaeng worried. She left a note to her brother. I think it was a farewell note and that she will end her life. She went towards the cliff, stared at the water below.

When Jung Tae regained conciousness, he was already saved. Two men saw him and carried him to be treated. Bong Sik and Poong Cha met them. He saw Ok Ryeon by his side. He asked about Chung A and she cried. Suddenly he knew something bad happened. In his wounded state, he tried to get up and went to the place where Chung A was last seen. There he cried for his loss. He cried for not being there for her. He cried as the loving brother of Chung A. A very emotional scene.

Just before the episode ended, Sinichi was waiting for Gaya and there she was, a grown up Gaya, ready and beautiful. Her presence on the screens gives me chills. She exudes so much invisible powers that emenates through the screen. She looks elegant yet much tougher.

Then here comes Jung Tae, adult Jung Tae, a lot more braver, rougher and masculine as ever. He smacked and hit all that got in his way. He is there to face his enemies alone. And face them he did!

Finally, the awaited adult characters are here. The episode although sad and painful showed how they worked hard to get passed them.

Just my last thought for this episode:

While Chung A seemed to have ended her life, I have a feeling she may not be really dead but only missing. One person suddenly came to mind and maybe he saw her and keep her safe. 
Hmmm.... I could be wrong, but I want her to be alive. I hope the sincerity I glimpsed in Do Ggoo's eyes were real and that he had something to do with Chung A and her health.

So far..just random thought.

Inspiring Generation fighting!


screen caps already posted previously. lots and lots of them.:))

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