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Sunday, January 19, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Prime Minister and I - Kwon Yool's Singing Can Melt A woman's Heart

My second post for this drama.
Another late reaction to the last episode:))

Well, I did share this initial feelings at my facebook page at that time. Still, after almost a week, I feel I have to write about it and share here in my blog. :))

Here it is.

Oh-M-G!!! I just felt my heart fainted when Prime Minister Kwon Yool went up the stage and sang a song for his pretend wife Nam Da Jung!

The way he looked at her, stared at her, omo, that was a moment where not only Nam Da Jung's heart melted but even this unnie here was so giddy and feeling warm inside. And to think it is his highness Kwon Yool who though I like for Nam Da Jung, but come on..the guy is older than her! But he surprised me with that adorable scene. Amazing!

I have always known that serenading, though old fashion now a days in this modern technology era,  is one of the sweetest things a man can do to show his feelings for the one he loves. Kwon Yool just nailed it then. Not that he needed to make more effort because Da Jung is already smitten with this stiff yet sometimes cute Prime Minister.

The story is really captivating. He is already half way in love, yet too cautious, too nervous, too afraid to show it. Protecting her is most important for now. But I like how Da Jung stays strong and never shy from her feelings even though he put distance between them. One step closer, two steps back, that's what is happening to them. The skinships in this drama is really making me grin all through out the episodes. Ah, what can I say, Prime Minister Kwon Yool and Nam Da Jung bring romance to a new level. 

I hope there's still some secret weapon Kwon Yool is hiding in his sleeves to show his love for Da Jung. The cute "i-miss-her" when she is not around and the way he mumbles to himself when he is trying to deny his feelings are scenes I won't feel tired of seeing him doing. Kwon Yool becomes more handsome when he is being true to his feelings. I wish he will be able to let Da Jung enjoy his arms, his smiles and "lip smacking" [his words lol ] without pretending them to be otherwise.

Anyway, just as Da Jung's and my heart melted when he sang, they also felt the sudden crash of worry when he was stabbed at the ending scene of the episode. Prime Minister is in danger!

Oh..oh...he surely will be rushed to the hospital. What will Nam Da Jung do? Cry? "Prime Minister, please...." I can almost anticipate her anxieties. Poor girl.

But then, she will definitely care for him. Now, now..writernim, please be nice to us, viewers, right? Give us more of those romance we love.

Hmm, another wait until tomorrow's episode. For now, this is my crazy thoughts for this drama. 

And yes, mslee is really loving it!

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