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Sunday, January 19, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] I Need Romance 3 First Week Review

File:I Need Romance 3-p1.jpg

The drama I anticipated watching.

First impression: It is good and I have a feeling it is going to be better than the last season which I really loved and watched some scenes over and over again.

Modern day girl working at a shopping network A career oriented single woman in her 30's. A woman who has gone from one relationship to another and finding herself alone still. A woman who has been hurt, betrayed and left by men. A woman who became cynical about relationship.

She is Shin Joo Yeon. 

In a relationship and expecting to hear the magic words, soon based on her friends and co-workers. Lee Woo Young happened to see their PD in a jewelry store buying a necklace. When he recounted his story, Joo Yeon was so happy and giddy. 

But what happened was so unexpected when he broke up with her in the restaurant. Her pride did not let her cry in front of him. It's not new for her, separating. It was like a cycle that keeps on happening to her. But this time, she expected more. 

She has become bitter somehow and to show that she is okay, she continues her day to day life, working and smiling before her friends. 

Allen Joo / Joo Wan

The young man who came back to Korea after 17 years. He has always has feelings for this woman who used to take care of him when he was young. He fondly calls her Shing Shing. Excited to see her and continue where they left off. As good friends and hopefully she might notice him as a man now. He is expecting a nice matured and kind woman. But what he did not anticipate is the rude, never has time for him, not really eager to see him, woman on the phone. 

A bit too far from what he is expecting.

The meeting

In a club where he is the DJ. He was a popular singer/musician from abroad but she doesn't know him or heard of him. They locked eyes. And sparks flew. No recognition on both sides. But like a magnet, he narrowed the distance to get to her.

Oh Se Ryeong

Used to be Joo Yeon's best friend from school days. But she stole her first boyfriend. From then on they became enemies. Rivals. But their world is too small for them. Se Ryeong is a stylist. Someone Joo Yeon can work with if she wanted to.

Oh Se Ryeong intercepted Joo Wan's walk towards Joo Yeon. She is his stylist in some of his modelling works. Joo Yeon wasn't able to control her mouth and an exchange of words started between these two women. But Joo Yeon was feeling feisty and very rude.

First impression: a lonely woman...very rude.

When she walked away, Oh Se Ryeong told him she was Shin Joo Yeon! Joo Wan was shocked. That was his Shing Shing?! What happened?

This is a summary of what happened in episode 1. Joo Wan's childhood memories of his Shing Shing was too different from the woman he met just now. While she has no inkling that he was the boy she used to call ugly.

In the second episode, he went to see the house he stayed when he was young. Shing Shing's home. He remembered what it was like before. As he walked away, he saw her drinking in a small place, already drunk but no plans of stopping yet. She was still ordering the ahjumma to give her a bottle of soju. He went inside and sat before her.

He continued to talk to her but never said who he is. He followed her home in a modest distance, to see her safe. 

Kang Tae Yoon

Joo Yeon's boss. A nice and kind colleague. She is comfortable around him. She can talk to him what she is willing to share. And he is there to listen and to support.

The surprising story was when Joo Yeon went to see her ex, the PD in his place, Oh Se Ryeong had access to his place. She came. I think, without confirming, and with the necklace she was wearing then, Joo Yeon felt again the pain of betrayal. They fought. Well, exchanged slaps and pulled hairs. Joo Wan who took Se Ryeong there turned his car around when he noticed her phone was left in the car. He witnessed the fight. He grabbed Shing Shing and pulled her outside. 

Because she was really mad, she tried to vent her anger on the cars outside. He stopped her but they both loose balance and found themselves on the ground. Her hand was wounded, He put medicine on it.

The scene ended there. I think Shing Shing will recognize him finally. And what will happen next is something I will be waiting.

my thoughts

The betrayal between Se Ryeong and Joo Yeon is something that is interesting to me. For the second time, did she really snatched another boyfriend away from Joo Yeon? Was that intentional or something that thrills her? What's wrong with Se Ryeong?

But I think that although Joo Yeon felt the pain of her first betrayal to her, keeping silent about the reason why their friendship ended is somehow her way of not doing to her what she did to her, betraying her. Because if she told people that she stole her boyfriend, then people will look down on Se Ryeong. I think, somehow because of what they were, she still tried to protect her as a friend. She became bitter, angry, cynical but still, she kept her silence. Which of course intrigue Se Ryeong.

I think I will be looking forward to what will happen next to both women. With Joo Wan in the picture now, will Se Ryeong tries to take his attention off her? 

Then there's Tae Yoon, the boss. I think he is secretly in love with Joo Yeon. 

But what's really captivating here is the chemistry of Joo Yeon and Joo Wan together, The possible noona and dongsaeng relationship. Will she open her heart to him? Or will she just let her bitterness in love stand in the way of their happiness? 

I know she won't be able to resist Joo Wan. I know this noona here, can't! hahahaha His voice is so cool, so manly. 

Next episode, well, that's tomorrow night, I think he will move in her house. Wondering what will happen to them under the same roof?

for now, I enjoyed the drama. 


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