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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Episode 5 Can We Love Screen caps + Highlights

Episode 5 is another good episode. Will share some highlights of tonight's episode. Still waiting for subs.

A good thing Jung Won was able to hide and was not found out by Kyung Joo, the fiancee of her ex-husband.

Sun Mi is really interested towards Director Oh. She kicked her own car to damage the side mirror. Her aim, to get a ride to his car. They went to a location and took shots. 

Do Young went to see Ji Hyun's father and brother and talked with them about the past. It was like a confrontation. Ji Hyun's father pleaded to Do Young about something.

Se Ra almost had abortion but thankfully ran out of the place in time.

The Kiss!

Jung Won was a bit down so together with director and the other guy they ate dinner but only the two of them went ahead to a karaoke. They sang, enjoyed the moment. There were flashes of couples kissing on the screen in between songs and the atmosphere somehow changed.

She leaned for a kiss but then changed her mind and pushed back. But he grabbed her and pulled her and kiss her deeply, passionately and long.

The she ran out and left him.

Next day was a bit awkward for her. Scenarios were going on inside her head. Like he was maybe angry then cornered her again and pushed her to the wall of the office. lol

They talked and then she left him again. \



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