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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Angel Eyes Continues To Captivate My Emotions

It has been two days since the last episode of this weekend has aired. Episode 5 and 6 continue to captivate me and pull my emotions like a roller coaster. Tears are so easy to fall in my eyes, not forced but by the tenderness of heartaches being portrayed by both Lee Sang Yoon and Goo Hye Sun as Park Dong Joo and Yoon Soo Wan. The lies between them keeps them apart.

The death of Jung Hwa, Dong Joo's mother will always stand between them unless someone claim full credit on the incident or the doctor [SW dad] reveals his part in the process that killed her. Although watching the latest episodes, Doctor Yoon's participation can be anybody's interpretation. 

And here is mslee's take on the possible explanation why Doctor Yoon is doing his best to separate Soo Wan and Dong Joo.

Whether SW dad has a role in the death of Jung Hwa is anybody's interpretation. I think even if in the end, a CPR could not really revive her because of the serum injected, there will always be guilt in his conscience and his weakness at that particular/crucial time will always haunt him, and the fact that she was the donor for SW eyes, and that her son was SW's boyfriend. It's understandable that when one makes a mistake, a bad choice even for just a small amount of time, even if conscience kicked in, one would not want others to know that moment where he/she acted inhumanly. especially to a love one, his daughter. It is always nerve wracking how that person will see you in your most shallow/weakened/wrong judgement state of mind. forgiveness of course will come, but not immediately and that is what  SW dad fear the most. How SW and DJ will feel when they found out. We are talking about death of a loved one, and even if he is not exactly the culprit, his small role can be really misjudged by others, just like when he feels threatened by the doctor who is blackmailing him. His career is on the line, his daughter's possible hate towards him and his actions will certainly be received badly and most of all DJ's trust on him as his second father will all be gone replaced by deep betrayal. something no one would want to be in SW's dad's place.

Well, enough reasons why he wants to put distance between SW and DJ, maybe selfish reasons, but enough reason to hide his mistake/weakness that continues to haunt him. It is not easy to reveal truth when you know what you most value in life will look you in the eye and cringe. It is really scary.

On Dong Joo's reluctance to pursue her and tell his true identity in episode 5, he is weighing carefully his options. He loves and respects his second father, who is Doctor Yoon, he came to know the man who stood by at Soo Wan's side all these years, Kang Ji Won. Maybe unfair to Dong Joo but he is nowhere near her. There was misunderstanding between SW and DJ and the absence of any letter [as of now in the drama] makes it somehow his fault. He also fear that when SW knew who donated the eyes, it will be received as shock and perhaps unacceptable to her considering how she loves and misses Jung Hwa. She might feel it is her fault that she died because Jung Hwa wants her to see and really voiced out that if only she could give her her eyes.

Very complicated love story. I have read somewhere that donors and recipient should not or avoid meet each other, or if the person dies, at least the family left behind should not meet up with the recipient. To avoid unnecessary attachments. But although this is not the case in the story, because there already formed a bond between the donor and the recipient, this is  much worse when truth be told. There could be guilt and that is really what the doctor and DJ both realized and they want the secret to remain..

There is still a lot of untold story in the drama and it continues to unfold each episode. What I love about Soo Wan's character is that she is very brave in confronting Dong Joo when she found out he is truly Dong Joo. Her sensitivity which is much stronger being blind once is something which tells her she is right all along. Clearly, she has been waiting for him. There is Ji Woon on the side, a very lovable guy, but memories of Dong Joo was never erased from her heart.

The scenes were amazingly haunting. Sad yet beautiful. My most favorite scenes were when Soo Wan traced Dong Joo's face. So intimate, full of emotions, moving and powerful. 

It is no wonder the drama is becoming very popular to the viewers. Ratings are climbing up. Hat's off to the writer and the director for handling a sensitive and poignant love story. It keeps me glued, hooked and in love with the characters. Although villains are yet to be exposed, I think this drama doesn't need an exaggerated anti hero, but someone enough to grit my teeth and at the same time someone to understand the reasons of misplaced judgement.

Weekends are full with beautiful dramas and Angel Eyes is just one of them that makes me wish weekends come soon.


sorry no screen caps for this week.

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