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Thursday, May 1, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Finding That Lost Appetite For Writing

Anyeong chingus! mslee has been lazy updating this page for several weeks now. Not as diligent as I used to be but I think the energy to write and share more is coming back slowly but surely.

It's been taxing writing and updating almost everyday that's why I decided to take a break and just enjoy watching and reading. But now I am glad that finally I find that eagerness, appetite to write again. I think my vacation ends right now. 

There are a lot to update. Currently I am watching weekend dramas like Angel Eyes, Wonderful Days and some weekday dramas like Witch's Romance, Big Man and planning to add some more in between. If you haven't started on these dramas, I recommend them to you. 

While in my "haitus", I re watched a number of dramas. I marathon The Heirs, A Gentleman's Dignity, Man From The Stars [which only ended a few weeks ago] and Lovers. :))

There are still a few dramas I needed to continue to watch to see the ending but for now, they are shelved temporarily.  Maybe after watching them, I can still write and share my final thoughts about them even if it is already long ended.

Sometimes a good rest is what I need to end that "writer's block" symptom. I think it is what I had for awhile. But hopefully, I can now express my thoughts in a vigorous way. 


mslee1107 saying hello and thanks for visiting my page.


Can't wait to share more.


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