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Saturday, May 3, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf Episode 2 Screen caps + Short Recap

After finding themselves working in the same law firm, both Kim Seok Joo and 

Lee Ji Yoon continue as usual.

Just a short recap of what happened in episode 2. 

Lee Ji Yoon and Kim Seok Joo continue to work together. She came to his

 team handling a sensitive and controversial rape case. At the trial, she has 

her sympathy towards the victim but their firm represents the defense. Kim 

Seok Joo is so good in getting what he wants the witness to say. There was a 

closed door deal between the current boyfriend of the victim and the culprit 

who was the ex-boyfriend. He chose money and career advancement than tell 

the truth of what happened to the victim.

An eye opener to a newbie like Lee Ji Yoon. Although she is not happy of how

 their team is getting the edge in the trial, still she apologized to the victim.

 In reality, one should set aside personal opinion in case it will be in conflict

 on the 

stand of the firm one is working for. It's ethical to stay that way, giving

 loyalty to a colleague's work.

In the end, there was a 

settlement between two parties, handled through Lee Ji Yoon which somehow

 impressed Cha Yeong Woo, the head of the law firm.

There was no justice served in the side of the complainant that's why after 

the settlement, the victim killed the culprit. An action that saddened  Seok

 Joo. He became silent after that. Maybe he regretted the ending of the trial.

 His client is dead, the victim became a killer and will now be sentenced 

surely for her deed.

The ending of episode 2 - Kim Seok Joo was in an accident. Near a 

construction area, debris from the building fall off onto him.


some screen caps

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