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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man - KBS New Drama

File:Big Man (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

A new drama from KBS has premiered on it's Mon-Tues timeslot, Big Man. Kang Ji Hwan leads the drama where intrigue plays a main part in the plot. 

Just finished watching first episode and unintentionally. reminded me of Bad Guy when I saw Jung So Min plays the part of a chaebol's daughter, [Kang Jin Ah] a sister to Choi Daniel's character named Kang Dong Suk and met the man Kim Ji Hyeok [KJH] who lives a life that is so opposite with her family. I think there is similarity in the character when she played Bad Guy, perhaps falling for Kim Ji Hyeok in this drama who will soon play the part of a lost son. 

I hope I am not far in concluding the character Kim Ji Hyeok, but maybe there will be a compromise here, perhaps accepting the temporary title for a while. Lee Da Hee plays the part of So Mi Ra, girlfriend of Kang Dong Suk but not officially. His mother is the typical rich wife who won't stand by seeing her son marry someone beneath their social status. Cliche but true.

There was an accident involving Kang Dong Suk. He has a heart problem too so surviving and coming back to consciousness is futile at the moment. They needed someone to donate a heart, and money talks when simple waiting is not an option. Unfortunately, Kim Ji Hyeok is someone who accidentally crossed paths with people who are looking for one. Hit on the head, injected with something, he soon was pronounced brain dead in the same hospital where Kanh Dong Suk is secretly lying and waiting.

But Kim Ji Hyeok is not ready to say goodbye to life. In the middle of the operation, he came back to life. Unluckily for Kang Dong Suk, he has to wait longer for next opportunity. So Mi Ra was supposed to meet up with Kang Dong Suk the day the accident happened and since then, she was unable to contact him. Han Sang Jin who plays Do Sang Ho in the drama, someone who is trusted by Kang Sung Wook [ Eom Hyo Seop] the father is doing the dirty work. He lied to So Mi Ra about Kang Dong Suk.

But of course, So Mi Ra found out and went to the hospital. There she saw Kang Dong Suk lying, lifeless, and in need of transplant. She also saw Kim Ji Hyeok, getting better. When push comes to shove, she knows what she must do. She loves Kang Dong Suk so much she wants him to live. She was almost on the point of pulling off the mask [oxygen] and maybe some life support when Kim Ji Hyeok suddenly woke up startling her.

The drama started with a very gruesome secret that will make the family pay for it. Registering Kim Ji Hyeok as the second son of the Kang family in order to make it legitimate the donation of the heart in unpredictable circumstances without being questioned the motives, will soon make them realize how tangle their lives will be with a man who knew how to live like a trash.

Should I expect trouble? Vengeance? One thing is for sure, Kim Ji Hyeok will never be the same again. 

So...what's going to happen to Kang Jin Ah? I hope I won't be disappointed with the role Jung So Min has in the drama. She really suited the character of a rich aggashi. 

This is only my second Kang Ji Hwan drama and finding him so passionate in his role. So different from the drama I first saw him where he played a businessman but classy at the same time. 

As for Lee Da Hee, a new character, yet has guts. I will be watching this drama from now on.


I will add the cast of the drama...

Big Man


  • Drama: Big Man
  • Revised romanization: Bigmaen
  • Hangul: 빅맨
  • Director: Ji Yeong-Su
  • Writer: Choi Jin-Won
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: April 28, 2014 --
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kim Ji-Hyeok (Kang Ji-Hwan) doesn't have parents and goes through a tough life. He then meets Dal-Sook who runs a small restaurant at a traditional market. Kim Ji-Hyeok follows her like his mother and settles down at the traditional market. He works hard to open up his own store within the traditional market.
Suddenly, Kim Ji-Hyeok becomes a hidden son from a family that owns Korea's top company Hyunsung. He realizes though that there are impure intentions. Since that moment, Kim Ji-Hyeok takes revenge upon the people at the Hyunsung company. He becomes romantically involved with a woman named So Mi-Ra (Lee Da-Hee) who he meets at the most important time in his life.


  1. "Big Man" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Beyond the Clouds" and will be followed by "Trot Lovers" June, 2014.


Big Man (Korean Drama)-Kang Ji-Hwan.jpgBig Man (Korean Drama)-Lee Da-Hee.jpgBig Man (Korean Drama)-Daniel Choi.jpgBig Man (Korean Drama)-Jung So-Min.jpg
Kang Ji-HwanLee Da-HeeDaniel ChoiJung So-Min
Kim Ji-HyeokSo Mi-RaKang Dong-SeokKang Jin-Ah
Additional Cast Members:

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