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Friday, May 2, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf Episode 1 Screen caps- The Humor Took Me By Surprise

File:A NEW LEAF-P1.jpg

The story started on a serious court trial where the defense lawyer. Kim Seok Joo is representing a Japanese Corporation against the complainants during the Japanese Occupation in Korea. The people who were forced to do labor back then are now very old and wanting to get compensation. The atmosphere is tense and Kim Seok  Joo is not bulging in his position making everyone in the courthouse know why he is one of the elite lawyers in town.

The Humor Took Me By Surprise!

I thought the drama will have a serious theme all through out but was surprised when at the middle of the story an intern [student lawyer] named Lee Ji Yoon appeared and made the drama more interesting. She attended a wedding of a friend where she met the handsome Jeon Ji Won. She was so glad of the opportunity to sit with him in the same table. They also exchanged words.

But the real funny stuff is yet to come. Kim Seok Joo arrived at the scene, clearly attending the wedding. The bride saw him and immediately became anxious and nervous at the same time. She wanted to hide and flee but turn to Lee Ji Yoon for help. She asked her to call his attention and make him go away. Lee Ji Yoon used her charms to catch the elusive and silent Kim Seok Joo. She even poured wine on his pants. 

The scene is really hilarious for me. The bride got a glass of wine, put a pill on it and asked the waiter to give it, not specifying it was for the man. Both Ji Yoon and Seok Joo are in the middle of a spectacle, she trying to wipe his pants, he evading her, and people around them are already turning their heads on them. When the waiter appears on the side, Ji Yoon grabs the wine glass and drank. 

Well, that's where the misunderstanding started. She draggeds him outside of the Hotel, brought him to her place and next morning, surprised to see him in her home.  Kim Seok Joo did not even correct her in assuming something happened between hem. 

The fun part continues when she started working on the same firm he works as an intern. She tried evading him when she realized he is one of the tough lawyers in the company. But her diligent work was soon noticed. Another foolish action occurred when Seok Joo was in a meeting with clients together with his colleagues when her attention was called through the phone. Maybe she was nervous she forgot the call was on speaker. She translated in English the contents of the documents she had through the phone. After she was cut off by Seok Joo, the connection was not cancelled. That was the next fun part resumes. She called Seok Joo again, not realizing the speaker was on, told him about the watch he left on her house, which made the people around the conference room grin and put snide comments. Kim Seok Joo was shocked. 

He went to find this intern and when he saw her,they of course talked. She was so nervous but she hoped she won't be fired and be given a chance to work in the company. Because Ji Yoon is good in her work, he promised that he will let her stay. 

People are scared of Kim Seok Joo. They don't want to get inside an elevator with him. But Ji Yoon is different. People in the company talks about her and Seok Joo. Rumors had spread. She confronted him about it but he enlightened her that it was her mistake all along when she announced the watch through the phone.

The story is balanced with it's corporate drama that I have yet to understand. There is humor that is quite entertaining. Park Min Young and Kim Myung Min has a good chemistry. They can both carry a funny situation even in Kim Myung Min's poker face.

Working as a lawyer in a company with superiors before him, sometimes he can not avoid lawsuits/cases that he does not want to do. He is not a criminal lawyer but because his superior made an arrangement with a client who is wealthy and a very influenced one, he agreed to take the case even if it's a rape case.

This is surely going to be an interesting drama. I love the pilot episode. Although I am still confused on some matters like the troubles inside the firm, I think as I continue to watch I will comprehend what's coming. There are also a lot of familiar actors which I have just watched in previous dramas and some currently acting on dramas I watch. The cast are big and full of veteran actors. Just the presence of them makes the drama already feel good.

What matter is that I enjoyed the drama.

For now, this are my thoughts. 


Made a lot of screen caps.

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