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Sunday, September 28, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Surplus Princess Episode 8 Screen caps Review

While I like Shi Kyung and Ha Ni, the closeness that is developing between Hyun Myung and Ha Ni is also cute. In this episode Hyun Myung is taking notice of Ha Ni and became comfortable with her which was not missed by the other house mates. 

Then Jin A continues to gt on my nerves with her schemes and lies and making opportunities for herself. She pretended to be the one who spoke with Shi Kyung's halmonie on the phone, while it was really Ha Ni who did with Jejudo dialect. Ah, chincha, this woman, so pathetic. I do hope soon she will be caught on her duplicity. 

The idea about the stone soup bowl Ha Ni and Hyun Myung collaborated and together with Ji Yong and Big's concept of having a heat proof cloth around the rim which will protect the hands from scorching was stolen by the other elite group when Ha Ni lost the USB.  They were disappointed but Hyun Myung stayed positive despite their loss.

The group went to unwind as they were dragged by Sun Kyu that turned out to be cleaning a farm. That night, Shi Kyung went to see Ha Ni and was directed by An Ma Nyeo to the farm. He met Ha Ni and somehow they finally talked ab out Jin A and he explained to her that she is just his colleague.

Ha Ni and Hye Young decided to take a dip at the pool. Ha Ni's fish tails were out. Ha Ni was left alone when Hye Young decided to tun herself in. Not knowing, there was Hyun Myung, hiding, surprised, the apple he had rolled down the pool. Ha Ni was startled, decided to dry herself. All these was witnessed by Hyun Myung as the fish tails turned into legs once again.

Read that the drama will finish in 10 episodes only. Originally it was supposed to have 14 episodes but they decided to cut 4 episodes. Well, honestly, the story dragged so maybe it is one of the reasons. But hopefully, with 2 more episodes left, this will wrap up nicely.


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