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Saturday, October 4, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Surplus Princess Episode 9 Screen caps Review

One more episode and it is a wrap. Will the ending satisfy the viewers? Ha Ni is still focusing on Shi Kyung as of this episode, while Hyun Myung has just realized the beginnings of his affections towards Ha Ni. Ha Ni will be in a dilemma, just as I think I will be until the next episode who will I want her to end up with.

The advantage of Hyun Myung over Shi Kyung is that he already found out Ha Ni's secret, that being a mermaid and after sometime, he somehow accepted it. Although at the beginning, he was kind of confused and a bit wary of her, because seriously, finding a mermaid among his circle of friends can be surreal.

Shi Kyung has yet to find out. He may have his own inkling about Ha Ni because of what happened when he fell on to the waters and had a kiss with someone, but Ha Ni denied being that person. But I do think Shi Kyung is sincere in his feelings for Ha Ni. Clearly, he is choosing her over the devious Jin A who until this episode is acting sneaky and arrogant towards Ha Ni. I wonder if Ha NI will be found out in the last episode because it will surely be scary for her if Jin A will have that opportunity to expose her.

As for Hye Young and Big's sudden romance, it is cute how they fell for each other. The noona-dongsaeng chemistry has once again played in a k-drama. 

It seems that it will be a lot for the writer to finish this story in only one episode with so much characters at the background with their own stories. But if the focus will only be on Ha Ni and her one true love, then I think an hour will be enough to wrap the story.

The plot is about finding true love to stay human forever. In this case, Ha Ni will have no problem being a human because either way, she will have her one true love. It is a matter of who it will be. Shi Kyung, the chef she gambled her life on or the unexpected house mate whom she had a messy start with at the beginning of meeting at the river, Hyun Myung.

Personally, I think her journey with Shi Kyung to realizing his feelings for her has more weight. Her love was returned. But I am not the writer and in this drama, I think the lead character is Hyun Myung, so I think I will be expecting him to be the one in the end.

I just want Jin A to be put in her place, jebal writernim. For the devious acts she pulled towards Hyun Myung and Ha Ni. And of course, for the schemes she did towards innocent people such as Shi Kyung and his grand mother and the staffs at the office. Make her realize she has done worng in dumping Hyun Myung for her own ambition.

The ending of this episode puts Shi Kyung in a stand still. Staring at Ha Ni and Hyun Myung in a tight hug, his heart is somehow crushed. Poor, chef. Will he misunderstand Ha Ni or will he fight for her? I hope both will fight for her until one is chosen. Then I will have a great ending.


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  1. I agree with you completely. Someone needs to put Jin Ah in her place for sure. Also.. I really want Ha Ni to end up with Shi Kyung.. I just cannot resist the way he smiles when he thinks about her.... Gah... I wouldn't want to switch places with the writers at all.

  2. @April hey, have you seen the ending? kinda hanging, although she is clear when she chose Hyun Myung. But then I am intrigue of the reason why she still disappeared..perhaps Hyun Myung was right, it wold be on her if she did coz maybe she has not gotten completely over with Shi Kyung.... ah I am so sad for him when he cried knowing she chose Hyun Myung... got to do final screen caps and write some thoughts....thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.:))