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Friday, October 3, 2014

Iron Man / Blade Man Ep 7 - Hong Bin, Secretary Ko and Se Dong

Dismayed that episode 8 was not aired last night. I was so hoping to watch it after the kiss between Se Dong and Hong Bin.

So here I am, nothing to do but watched again episode 7 and after, decided to capture more moments, funny scenes of Hong Bin with Secretary Ko and some more with Se Dong. Hong Bin's facial expressions are a mix of strange, naughty, quirky and cute at the same time. I am missing those "making faces" he usually does when acting childish in front of either Secretary Ko and Se Dong.

With Secretary Ko. Hong Bin enjoys his super powers! And their cute sniffing the air combo to find Se Dong. lol....

Se Dong and Hong Bin

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