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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Iron Man / Blade Man Episode 7 Screen caps - Hong Bin Kissed Se Dong

I love the way the kiss was executed in this episode. The first time Hong Bin kissed Se Dong was sweet, and if there is passion it's slow, somewhat innocent which suited the characters of both Hong Bin and Se Dong. This is not your ordinary romance in a k-drama, not typical characters but a fantasy drama. Yes, there must be passion but in this case, it is more beautiful to show it this way. The kiss is like a fresh breath of air yet satisfying to the senses.

The prelude to kiss...

I have watched live via streaming so will have to wait for English sub, but just the same I captured a lot and mostly, Hong Bin's quirky and eccentric actions that never fails to make me smile. I don't know until when he would realize how to use his powers because every time he wants to, he fails and hurt himself. He is so dumb sometimes...lol... like a child. 

Well, tonight's episode showed that Hong Bin and Chang finally said their goodbyes to Tae Hee. Hong Bin burned her things, her photo as their way of sending her off. There was also a scene where Hong Bin's brother who has a crush on uri Se Dong invited the latter for a meal and Hong Bin got wind of their rendezvous to his jealousy. Then the brother captured a lot of photos of Se Dong. She does not know about it, thinking he was capturing the food on the table. Unfortunately the father, with a hot temper also, like Hong Bin, saw the photos on the mobile phone and threw it away. Hmm..another threat to Se Dong this time.

Hong Bin is liking her scent, reveling in it while Se Dong felt he is acting weird again. 

Hong Bin's different facial expressions! Kinda cute...

This man is really psychotic! hahahaha....

more screen caps...

the runaway cart that almost hit Se Dong, thankfully, Hong Bin was there to protect her, covering her eyes so as not to see his powers being used to grab the cart and spinning together the cart was off the ground with his strength and thrown back to where it came from. 

OMO! Why is he smiling??? Really, Hong Bin! lol

Se Dong comforts Hong Bin

The Hug

Saying goodbye to Tae Hee

Back to his world of craziness...

The brother invited Se Dong...

Texting back and forth....

Being naughty, Hong Bin?

This father is really scary. He could be concocting a new evil plan towards Se Dong.  One scary old man.


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