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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Kang Koo's Story - A Beautiful Drama

I confess that I am currently obsessing over Lee Dong Wook so I have been watching his past works like Scent of a Woman, Wild Romance and My Girl. Recently, I just marathon Hotel King. The reason I am watching Roommate since it's pilot episode is because of Lee Dong Wook. 

But his charm really got me after I watched him in Hotel King, so here I am, scouting for more of his dramas. I came across this short drama Kang Koo's Story and really, the story is simply beautiful. The soundtrack, the cinematography and the plot development are all nice. The ending may be sad but it is where the real story was revealed and started. The love story is poignant. It touched the soul long after it ended. Well, that's what has happened to me as the viewer. It haunts me, affect me in ways I can not explain. That's why I watched again for the second time because I can't get enough of the drama. 

I find it difficult to let go of the love story between Kyung Tae [LDW] and Moon Suk [Park Joo Mi]. Simply nostalgic. Who would have thought that it all began long before Kyung Tae started loving her in his own way. Moon Suk knew him all along. But then I think Kyung Tae already had an attraction towards her even before he realized that she was his friend's noona [older sister]. The sudden responsibility towards another two individuals became a lasting relationship. 

More than having to own the responsibility because of guilt, I think that Kyung Tae fell in love as he tried his best to fulfill his friend's dying wish. A story of a gangster who has a heart. A story of becoming a new person. A story of becoming a better person. 

I did a lot of screen caps of Lee Dong Wook but then I decided to include other characters and scenes from the drama. I really recommend this short drama. 

This is a two episode drama.

[Part 2 screen caps HERE ]


Will post episode 2 screen caps next...

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