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Friday, July 24, 2015

[GIF] The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 8 Highlights

Just quick thoughts...

Eight episodes have gone by and I am feeling the frustrations Won is also feeling. I think this is what drama really wanted to convey, the tough realization of not being able to be honest with each other's feelings that leads to both of them finding love in another direction. Now the possibility of Won confessing is turning out to be a small chance with the ex boyfriend suddenly appearing with a strong decision of getting Ha Na back.

It is so easy when both are now working together in a project. Although a problem occurred, seemingly the concert recital wrapping up, that gave way to revealing that three years ago he came back for her on their engagement but too late.

This is the time where long lost love in the corners of Ha Na's heart will try to surface and give it another chance even if in reality, what she really feels is the assurance that she was not really abandoned that time. The love she thought would be is not what it seems to be.

Yeah, this is a frustrating drama for me but here I am sticking it out till the end and waiting for the turning point.



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