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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episodes 15 Highlights

Some scenes in the episode that are memorable.

A year had passed since Geon Woo left Warm and Cozy and Jeju island.

Things have changed. Jung Joo moved on despite missing Geon Woo, She never received any reply from the last message she sent him. As if he totally forgotten about her. A new baby has arrived in the scene. At first it looked like Jung Joo became a mom and Mayor is the father. Looking at them both taking care of the baby and gushing who looked like him, it would really create a misunderstanding.

Then Geon Woo decided to visit Jeju. At the hotel he met Jung Joo unexpectedly at the elevator with the child on her arms. No explanation who the child is so typically, he thought the child must be hers. Yeah, it has been a year since he left her. Awkward at facing each other. They parted not really having the time to clear some issues left hanging between them.

So the cute child is Jung Joo's friend's, staying at the hotel. She knew about Geon Woo being her first love.

Geon Woo learned about the text messages she sent him the time he left. The irony of it, he changed his phone not bothering to check the previous one. But then, he still has it. It's funny that he kept it. So he recharged the battery but the messages were too old they seemed to have lost in cyberspace.

What was those messages about, he wondered.

Opps, he found out the child's mother and Jung Joo's secret about him, thanks to her friend.

A cute twist in the episode is about Mayor meeting broken hearted Geon Woo's noona. She was drinking and eating by the sea side, littering all she wants when he saw her. I laughed at this sudden turn of events. So Mayor would have his own cute romance, eh? Well they looked cute together, with her being childish and arrogant because she is rich but she could not argue before him.

He can order her around just like when he told her to pick the trash she littered.

Well, the newly wed Hae Sil and Jung Geun also went away. She headed back to Jeju before him. She was told she has surprise gifts form her husband and that she was to find them, like a treasure hunt. She also saw Geon Woo. She had a feeling he was avoiding her. Soon the reason will be revealed.

Because Geon Woo is back...

Ahjummas are happy to see him.

Mayor learned of it...

Some things have to be talked about but he still kept it to himself...

Only in K-dramas...

Then there was the scene where Geon Woo and the Mayor drank together. Only in K-dramas I can watch this kind of scenes, where the lead man and the second lead man can compromise and be sport about their tangled romantic feelings for the same woman.

The truth a year ago..who stayed with her when she got drunk and took her home. It was Geon Woo.

Ji Won had come back too. But, Jung Joo knows now how to confront her and her schemes. She caught her lying.

By the end of the episode, Jung Joo was reading her messages to Geon Woo that she never deleted from her phone. She was ready to delete them but he came. Guess the awaited reconciliation would happen now.

She thought he left again...

Reading the text messages...

This is really a struggle to finish my review on this drama after it has ended a couple of weeks ago already. Still, I have to.


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