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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 16 Highlights - The Happy Ending

At last! Here I am, posting my last thoughts on the last episode of Warm and Cozy. It was really tough to continue posting when the series has long ended and I was left catching up. Still, with so many things to do and some things that got my undivided attention, I promise to finish this drama review not for the visitors who may take time to read but for myself.

Final Episode

The Happy Ending!
Yes, this has a happy ending. Well it is expected since this is a rom/com and written by the most romantic duo, Hong sisters.

Jung Joo and Ji Won

The complicated fate of this two made the drama anticipating and irritating at the same time towards the character Ji Won.

The foxy lady who always wanted to hurt Jung Joo because of her clueless character when it comes to Geon Woo's feelings. Good thing the writer let her have her own happy ending, or was it?
Lol! Ji Won stayed true to her character as the kind of "gold digger" woman who can be justified in this situation. Well, she does like rich men and I think I can let her have her wish as long as she leave Geon Woo behind.

The truth why Geon Woo avoids Hae Sil. His father was the one who killed her husband. A tough knowledge now that she is married to Jung Geun.

But she had to choose. To ruin her happiness now or to stay hating the man who killed her husband.

He told her he would leave to make it easier for her and his hyung. But the story let the couple instead leave for Japan and let Geon Woo stay in Jeju.

How to start a relationship? Must she make the first move? With wine and snakc in the middle of the night... but ooppss..he is already back at the hotel ready to retire for the night.

Curiuos if she really prepared something for both of them...

The start of the new romance...
Hmm..still not making it obvious! I am kinda waiting patiently here, knowing this is the last episode.

So, I guess the Mayor and Geon Woo's noona will start their own brand of romance. He is the difficult type, but she will insist! After all he is in her radar now!

More Geon Woo and Jung Joo...

Renovating her pathetic purchase of a property...lol

Imagine Warm and Cozy hosting the reception for Ji Won's wedding. 

Finally! They kissed!

Hae Sil and Geon Woo's aboji [father]

It won't be easy forgiving because she will always remember. But the good thing is that he apologized sincerely and owned up to his mistake.

Time to cry for the last time and settle her feelings once and for all to move forward with her loving and understanding husband Jung Geun.

Unexpected meeting with Geon Woo's father. But then she never really got the chance to introduce herself because he never told her who he is.

This was a sad fate between father and son. They can only see each other from afar. Well I think time needs to intervene before they can all heal from the past. Geon Woo let him go.

She thought he would still go away. 

Ji Won and her tantrums about her wedding preparations. I pity the groom to be.

No getting away from Geon Woo's noona! The Mayor has been claimed publicly!

Life has settled at Warm and Cozy.

Love the ending scenes. As if they are both satisfied and contented. What can they ask for? They have each other. Growing old at that place, at Warm and Cozy.

Thank you for the wonderful cinematography. Beautiful! Happy atmosphere.

I think, although I kind of felt that the story dragged, and that the predictable storyline somehow spoiled the story, still it is a wonderful romantic drama for those who love romance. 

Again, Hong sisters delivered it in their signature style which is appealing and easy to connect with.

Jeju is where they find the love and happiness both Jung Joo and Geon Woo are looking for.

this is my final thoughts...


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