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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode10 Highlights

Back to the present!

Losing his memory of 4 months became a struggle for Jae Min. He does not remember everything most of all about Baek Ma Ri. But he kept on having hallucinations, or so he thought but they were memories from long ago that happened to him and Ma Ri, because they are fated together since long ago. He was seeing trees on the school ground which looks like in a forest with a girl playing a flute.

Ma Ri started to attend the same school again but now as a revealed vampire. She asked to be a part of the current project, coexisting with humans. She is ready to face anything for Jae Min. Even if students fear her or abhor her, she does not mind. Or if she felt hurt, she kept on going.

She even drank her blood in full view of the students. Jae Min at first did not support her but he could not let students do any more harm towards her. He still hates vampires. As for A Ri, she is still the same kind, sneaky.

Shi Hoo came back, too. Apparently, he was rescued after he almost got burnt by the sun. He survived. He got consent to attend the same school as Ma Ri, maybe to protect her but not to reveal himself, yet. he arrived just in time when students are talking behind her. He was like a knight in shinning armor. Jae Min saw him with Ma Ri.

The ending scene was going to be the twist in the story. Seeing Shi Hoo embracing Ma Ri, would either bother Jae Min or not.



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