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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode 11 Highlights

This episode is a struggle for Jae Min as he continue to find the answers that bothers him. His memories are filled with unknown scenarios and later on, he saw Ma Ri in them. At first he was confused, thinking it was only hallucinations on his part. His brain cells has not yet processed the whole thing, linking back to his association with Ma Ri from the past and into the present.

He was affected by Shi Hoo's appearance, but of course, he would not admit it to himself. He saw the way Shi Hoo embraced her. He was the one who left the scene. At school, students kept on bothering Ma Ri, resulting to parents having a meeting. they were proposing Ma Ri to transfer to another school. Surprisingly, jae Min stepped up and spoke to the parents. He told them that he supported the coexisting project and that there is no reason to fear vampires, particularly Ma Ri. He will take responsibility over her from that moment on. He even stayed by her side during the times she was drinking blood, her snack food, while students looked at them.

It was of course unexpected but to Ma Ri it was a good feeling because Jae Min will now be on her side. She even have her desk side by side Jae Min's. A Ra could only look at the both of them. Slowly, the gap between Ma Ri and Jae Min are not that wide anymore.

 They hang out, even ditched a class during blood donation day. They went to the park, made wishes and ran through the drizzling rain.

Shi Hoo also ditched school and just sang outside a cafe with a guitar on his hands. People listen to him singing. 

That was how A Ra found him. She lingered. At the end, they both hang out together. It was during inside the accessory store while choosing a hair pin that she realized he is also a vampire.

 Shi Hoo teased her as he held her arm, running his finger on her visible veins and then inhaling the scent as if ready to bite, She was left fixed with her eyes on his actions but he told her not to fear because he does not eat human blood.

A company had gotten wind of their video while they were performing as Orange Marmalade band. 

They were interested to debut them but learning that the vocalist is a vampire, they suggested that they pick another. Ma Ri told the group it was okay but Shi Hoo also told them that they would need a bassist because he too is a vampire. In the end, Jae Min spoke with the representative telling them that they are not interested.

But then Jae Min's memories are slowly seeping in, with Ma Ri kissing his neck. He was suddenly bothered by it. He really hated vampires, just as he is not accepting his mother's husband who is his teacher and also a vampire. 

Those feelings of resentment came back to him remembering Ma Ri nibbling his neck. That night, Ma Ri went to meet Jae Min, using the bag he gave her but instead of a friendly reception she was met with cold eyes and even colder and unfriendly Ja Min. He asked her about the memory he had of her liking his blood. She never wanted to lie anymore so she told him the truth that his blood is sweet and that she was attracted to it.

It was something that Jae Min could never tolerate or accept. He told her to stay away from her and that she must transfer. He will no longer be responsible to her. Again, Ma Ri felt the rejection. It hurts her.

Next day she was gathering her things as classmates looked on and whispers behind her. Jae Min was not even looking. He went to the music room. He saw Ma Ri's music sheet. As if everything is rushing back so fast, all the memories he had hidden at the back of his mind flashed like a movie before him. 

Ma Ri during the first time he saw her, as a classmate, the girl in the forest, how she kissed Ma Ri professing his love, the moment he realized she is a vampire, when he fought with the vampire and got bitten, and when he woke up and found out Ma Ri was dying in his arms. How he felt empty with only a box of memories in his hands that he buried beside the tree. 

The tree that kept on flashing before him every now and then especially when he is at school, looking at a cut off tree. He ran. Everything is falling into place. He realized who Ma Ri is in his life.

Ma Ri turned around to have a one last look at the cut off tree to find Jae Min sitting there, his hands on a box he buried. Jae Min now remembered everything.

Ma Ri will always be the one.

They are fated no matter they tried to resist, no matter how people separates them, love will always bind them though time and beyond.


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