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Thursday, December 10, 2015

[GIF] Oh MY Venus Episode 4 Highlights

Start of body make over...
 John Kim stepped in.

Fate? Coincidence?
What's the difference?
He is always there for her when she needs saving...

Her brother is getting married first...

Ji Woong
and his overload cuteness!

Young Ho and Joon Sung
two hot namja in a brawl...
ahmmm... practicing for Joon Sung's coming fight.

while this one just keeps on being so cute...

Her [Joo Eun] fainting incident became the topic of her colleagues. 
And they all find it funny!

the couple I wanna hate but just could not... yet!

cute Ji Woong visiting Joo Eun with plants... 

always ready to be her knight...

one hot and one adorable...

Young Ho and Joo Eun

okay..this is a surprise!
he just got to have a scene showing his sexy upper body.
lucky annoying girl!

afraid? more like embarrrassed...maybe.
time to check her body...

Invasion of space!

got to clean her refrigerator and cupboards of unwanted unhealthy foods...

I think she is lucky to be working out with Young Ho coz anyone would trade places with her just to be close to him.

and it gets a bit intimate!

Red alert!

Stalker in the house!

Again..Young Ho appeared when he was most needed.


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