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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] D-Day Episodes 19&20 - Final Thoughts

episode 19

After all the ordeal that Hae Sung went through since the earthquake hit Seoul, he was able to endure all of them. Still, the most heartbreaking thing happened to him when his only brother died. When things seemed to be fine between them after the misunderstandings this happened.

Then there was the nurse who received Woo Sung's last letter, an invitation to watch a concert with him. I wished he had seen her before he went that day. His colleagues at the fire department were all sorry to have lost him. He was the youngest in the team and his heroic deed would never be forgotten. Certainly, he would be missed, especially by the chief Choi Il Sub.

When Ddol Mi learned about what happened to Hae Sung's brother, she was feeling guilty. She was being irrational and not talking to him after he rejected the surgery she begged of him to her father. It was a good decision after all and Ddol Mi realized it. She was there at the funeral, giving her support to him. I am glad that they reconciled even though the occasion was sad.

Woo Jin's eye condition was getting bad everyday. He tried to hide it from his mother. but she felt what's bothering him and what has truly happened. She was sorry to have passed the disease to him.

Ji na went to see him. She was not giving up on him. She encouraged him to come back to the hospital. Somehow their relationship has started again from where they left off. They still love each other. I like the kind of relationship they have. They parted ways because they had different principles but then they were matured enough to realize when to give in, when to start again, when to say sorry.

Back at the hospital, Ddol Mi's father was getting better. Hae Sung was also back.

The license suspension was again the main topic of the board meeting. The Director was really hoping that now was the the time to get back at Hae Sung. But Woo Jin arrived and with him the President of Mirae Hospital. The old man told everyone to leave Hae Sung alone and that he saved his life. But Park Gun, who never listen told others that his brother-in-law was not in his proper mind and urged them to leave the room. 

The Director got his wish. Hae Sung's license suspension will now be submitted. Woo Jin and the Director kept arguing inside a room but their voices could be heard outside. They even talked about Woo Jin's mistake.

Woo Jin tried to talk about his malpractice on Hae Sung's mother but Hae Sung cut him off. It was in the past and he knew that his mother and father had the accident because of him. He acknowledged his share of what happened to his mother. Hae Sung also looked up to Woo Jin as a sunbae/hyung/chingu all in one.

Time to leave the hospital. Ddol Mi could not shake his hands. She was sad. I think what's interesting about them is that their relationship was hanging. They haven't talked about it but they must have felt that something was going on between them. That's the dilemma on Ddol Mi's part being a woman. She was waiting for him but he was not making the first move. She just stayed silent and left him wondering why she would not shake his hand.

Until the end, he never told her anything she wanted to hear, like he was going to call her. Or when he would see her again.

Fortunately. the Minister Hae Sung saved was now okay. He went to the hospital. He talked to Chief Kang and Woo Jin. He learned about Hae Sung and how the Director was trying to revoke his license. The irony of the situation for the Director, he going to receive an award but in order to have it, he must leave Hae Sung alone and let him do his job as a doctor. I thought the Director would not badge, but I guess he was too eager for the recognition that he promised not to submit the license suspension application anymore.

Time for some romantic moment. 
But then doctor Yoo barged in, ruining the moment.

During the awarding, the unexpected call came to Park Gun. He was fired from the hospital. He hurriedly left the ceremony to attend to his current situation.

Outside, the reporter interviewed Goo Ja Hyuk. He was asked if he knew about what would happen during the fixing of the pipes. He asked for an off the record interview but he was being recorded secretly by the reporter.

The Director got into an accident.
Guess, this was his payment for all the greed he has, for all the inconvenience he did to some patients, for the troubles and harassment he did to Hae Sung.

episode 20

Ji Na was telling her aunt not to sign the divorce papers and just reconcile with her husband. She told her aunt to support what the President wants to do with the hospital.

Ji Na asked Hae Sung to operate on the Director. No one wanted to do the operation, not without the CT Scan and other procedures done which was what's required before a surgery. The hospital's medical gadgets were not working still.

Hae Sung was silent the whole time. But Ji Na told her the Director is his father. Aside from Woo Jin, all were surprised by the revelation. She begged him but he did not want to do it. Ironically, Hae Sung's hand was grabbed by the Director himself. A sign that he wanted to live.

No other surgeons were coming inside the operating room. It was like a deja vu' when the patient needed a thoracic surgeon. Hae Sung hesitated when he realized the heart would have to be opened. Woo Jin told him that he realized that in a case like this, when no one is available, the patient is critical, a doctor should do what he should to save the patient. Specialization on different medical fields are only a convenience. 

The Director had a good operation after all.

Some cute moments of hae Sung and Ddol Mi. 
Cut off by a call that she would soon leave with her father to Busan.
Another farewell that left their relationship hanging.

Hae Sung did not see her off. 
But he was there as the van left.
Hae Sung watched the last video of his brother. The girl interpreted through signs what Woo Sung's last words for his hyung. Hae Sung cried.

Good news was that Hae Sung's mother finally woke up. 
Then the Director of course was not happy to know Hae Sung was the one who saved him. 

Ja Hyuk was in the news about the incident that killed Hae Sung's brother. He stepped down from his position. Chief Kang waited outside. She gave him the answer to his proposal, wearing the ring. He told her that he might have to start again from scratch but it does not seem to matter for Chief Kang

Hae Sung and his mother went to Woo Sung's grave.
The Director finally left the hospital. This time, he acknowledged Hae Sung as a doctor but told him that he was still not acknowledging that his practice as a doctor. At least, somehow there was closure to all the rift between them.

About time the Director stopped his fight with Hae Sung.

The construction firm of Ja Hyuk was starting again.

Woo Jin started working again as a doctor. His sight might be impaired but his intelligence as a doctor is still good. His instincts are better. He let hoobaes [junior] do the work as he told him what to do. Just like when he guided Ddol Mi during the operation of the Director when they opened the heart.

I was wondering where the romance will finally come.

I wish there's more. I wish Hae sung told her his feelings. But then actions speaks louder than words as the saying goes. He went to see her. Surprising her. He even bought a gift. He might not say the words ddol Mi wanted to hear, but what's important is that he was there to see her.

She acted not pleased at first...
Well, it's a start. The real relationship between them is finally starting. Just when the drama ended!

Writernim, you let me wait for Ddol Mi/Hae Sung romance until the very end. Ah... I should be disappointed, yet I am not. Maybe because the whole drama is good.

Guess I just have to be satisfied with this kind of ending.


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