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Saturday, December 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] 151212 Jung So Min and Hong Jong Hyun IG Update

with Hong Jong Hyun...
With Jung So Min

Decided to post both IG updates because both are on each other's IG recently. A promotion for their movie...

to all haters just because Hong Jong Hyun is being shipped with YURA [I am a JjongAh shipper too, certified if you want to read all my thoughts on them as a couple in WGM there are lots in this blog] and some believed he is in a relationship with NANA [or just friends]

Just a reminder!

Please don't hate on So Min. Stop posting hate comments about her just because she has photos with Jjong or she is seen friendly during fanmeet/promoting ALICE because she and Jjong are colleagues and both actors. She has worked with his model friends, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, Kim Young Kwang,... except for Lee Soo Hyuk.

Stop hating on So Min just because she has a movie and promoting with Jjong in a friendly manner! I really hate the people who judge just because he is being shipped with others. I also love Yura but not to the point of hating an on screen partner of Jjong.

So Min or MinMin to her fans are naturally sweet.

Stop posting rude comments about her on both Jjong's and her IG, please.




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