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Sunday, December 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Six Flying Dragons Episode 10


Border Stabilization Plan has been passed. Choi Young sure backed up the passing of the plan. Lee In Gyeon was left alone. He was so sure he got Gil Tae Mi and Hong In Bang back in his camp but he was wrong.

It was the appearance of the assassin that made Gil Tae Mi suspected Lee In Gyeon. And Lee In Gyeon was left wondering who was behind the schemes to turn 2 of his allies against him. Even Sambong did not know who the assassin was although he was the one Lee In Gyeon was suspecting.

The one who was most in celebratory mood was Bang Won. He even lifted up and turned around in his arms Boon Yi. He even bought her a pair of shoes. Well, this was a part of the developing romance between these two characters. Actually, theirs was a breather in the heavy plot of the series.

But then, what Bang Won did was a secret to his father who now learned the truth. Bang Won who stamped his father's seal himself was the culprit in the passing of the Border Stabilization Plan. The general, Lee Seung Gye was not really supporting the idea because he does not want to enter politics and be in the center of creating more division in the assembly. He was so angry at what Bang Won did. His other son supported the plan even reiterated the advantages of the plan to them as a group who has been the pillar of help to those who flee from being mistreated. They have accumulated a large number of people already in their part of the country and funds coming from the government because of the plan will help them. But it was not what Lee seung Gye wanted. He wanted a peaceful life.

This was where the three met up for the first time inside the cave. Bang Won, Ddang Sae and Sambong, Jung Do Jeon. Among the three, Ddang Sae was skeptical and already lost his faith that Goryeo will ever change. Bang Won was of course the most optimistic. But then when he told the truth behind the passing of the plan, Sambong was not pleased. It was a move that he never anticipated. Yes the plan succeeded, but for Sambong, doing it in a manipulating way, scheming way, which Lee Seung Gye was not even aware, was a wrong start. He let Bang Won know that his impulsiveness might just ruin their perfect plans. 

Sambong knew that this young man was the same child he met before with so much conviction but also had lost faith in his colleagues in Sungkyunkwan. This young man has something inside him that bothers Sambong. And this inkling he had of him could be something that will trigger in the future.

Sambong lectured Bang Won about trust. He trusted that the plan will move forward in a legitimate way, with Lee Seung Gye signing the appeal himself and that's when all concerned with the plan will know that everyone agrees to be apart of it for what future plans they will do.

Bang Won was not sorry at all. I think he knew from the start that he had it inside just when Hong In Bang already told him before about being him being the same. Bang Won has a strong spirit. He acknowledge that he will have to fight against turbulent times, just as Sambong had told him.

I like that Bang Won has remained stong in his belief that there is hope for Goryeo and it's people. It's like him who continue to burn the flames of desire for revolution, for justice that people like Sambong Jung Do Jeon continue to plan and think of creating ways how to fight dirty politicians.

It is interesting how this drama continue to make viewers want more. Of course, I still want some romance between the characters like Ddang Sae and Yeon Hee. It adds flavor to the conflicts of the story regarding politics.

I am really impressed how Lee In Gyeom is always one step ahead in calculating situations and finding suspicious plans. He knew when something is wrong. This old man seemed to be someone who would be a villain for a long time in this drama. I wonder if there will be a time for Bang Won and this old man face again and throw pondering words at each other. I think they might just be interesting because I think both would be good at it.

For dramas humor, Moo Hyul never fails to be an entertainment each episode. He was so adorable as he told Bang Won's hyung that he saved Bang Won not once but twice. Oh cute! Then he was told that he could live there with his family. yes, Moo Hyul has gotten some luck helping Bang Won.

And of course, Gil Tae Mi and Hong In Bang continue to be annoying characters. But of the two, I really detest Hong In Bang because perhaps he started a good soul turning into an evil greedy politician.

The drama is a mixture of everything. A story of family, friendship, romance, and fighting injustices.


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