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Thursday, December 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Six Flying Dragons Episode 11

The Scheme

Make the others believe there was a plot twist in wanting the Border Stabilization Plan passed. There was a conspiracy involving Hong In Bang, Gil Tae Mi and Lee Seung Gye. A forged anonymous letter would surface in Bang Won's room later as rumors about the secret deal surrounded the palace. The plan was to make Choi Young believe it but then the general was skeptical when he heard the rumor.

When Lee Seung Gye learned that Bang Won sealed the document using his stamp without his knowledge, he was so angry. He ordered Bang Gwa to immediately withdraw the plan at the capital and also to get Bang Won home. 

Bang Won told Boon Yi that he would take responsibility on his bold actions and will face the wrath of his father. He went home [Gaegyeong] saw his older brother who was scolding him. He told him that he would explain everything to their father in Hamju. He learned about the plan to withdraw the passed Stabilization plan. He begged Bang Gwa not to go. Fortunately, Bang Gwa also agreed with Bang Won. 

Meanwhile at the assembly, everyone was skeptical and suspicious of the rumored secret deal behind the Border Stabilization Plan. A appointment of Gil Tae Mi's son as Tax administrator at the northern part seemed to be timely and suspicious. Gil Tae Mi was caught off guard by the news. He was surprised as Hong In Bang by this scheme which they both knew was Lee In Gyeom's tactic. He was out there to accuse them.

Bang Won was not able to go home in Hamju because soldiers already came to arrest him. His brothers could not do anything. Bang Won would be investigated. Sambong saw him being dragged away.

Boon Yi went to see Hong In Bang. She braved going to his home even if she knew she might be in danger. He let her in hen she said that Bang Won  sent her. Hong In Bang was so amused and curious as to why she would beg him to save Bang Won. He asked about her relationship with Bang Won and she told him that Bang Won bought her a pair of shoes. This made Hong In Bang smile ironically knowing what it meant. [A poor girl and a noble's son]

Hong In Bang would defect the moment Bang Won entered the investigation area. His name and even Gil tae Mi's should not be uttered by his lips. This was what Boon Yi relayed to Bang Won inside the cell. He was tortured already but in his mind, he remembered that he had through the same when he was a young boy and now decided to endure everything because he was not a coward. It's interesting how he wanted to be different from Hong In Bang because the thought was unthinkable to be in the same kind of personality as Hong In Bang.

I got to say I like the moment when Boon Yi met Bang Won. It was somehow romantic despite the circumstances they were in. The way she went to see him, gave him courage, let him know that she believes in him and that she knew he will be okay was enough to ler Bang Won realized that she likes him. Well, she did told him that she likes him. I really love to see them in a romantic way, be a couple despite the odds or the class distinction.

Lee Seung Gye learned that Bang Won was captured. It was at a moment when they were preparing for a big fight against Hobaldo. The general now more than ever wanted victory in their fight before rescuing his son. He knew that Lee In Gyeon had declared war against their family.

The forged letter was supposed to be the concrete evidence against Bang Won that would seal his fate. But Sambong who was hesitant at first to save Bang Won [he was the kind who thinks first before making a move] let Yeon Hee switched the letter with a confession that he killed Baek Yoon. That letter was actually Ddang Sae's, the one he left in the cave waiting for Sambong's instruction. Yeon Hee was bothered by the letter because it would make Bang Won a murderer, instead. Sambong was confident that Lee In Gyeom was intelligent enough not to believe the letter. Like I also said, Lee In Gyeom is a character that is always one step ahead and not gullible.

The time to read the supposed to be found evidence at the assembly has come. Everyone was speechless when they hear the confession. Hong In Bang knew right ahead that it was not Lee In Gyeom's plot twist but Sambong. Even Poeun thought the same. Choi Young was in deep thought, maybe mulling on the "evidence" that somehow does not fit in the situation and the current issue. The other Dodang members were now confused as to why a letter like that would come up and what would be the aftermath of bang Won's capture involving Lee Seung Gye's family. They knew about Lee Seung Gye's power as a general who has 20,000 more armies.

Just as everyone was shocked into silence, even Lee In Gyeom who was then surprised about the switching of letters and pondering about the shadow behind Hong In Bang and Bang Won, someone entered the hall to declare in a celebratory voice about the victory of Lee Seung Gye against Hobaldo. 

The twist is getting very interesting at this point. It was like playing chess. Every move was calculated but then Lee Seung Gye somehow intercepted Lee In Gyeom's move. Now Lee Seung Gye just got more threatening and everyone knew and felt it.

Sambong versus Lee In Gyeom.

Who was the better schemer?
Who was the better planner?

The twists and turns are fascinating.


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